How To Register For BGMI Open Challenge BMOC: Register Link, Process And More?

Register For BGMI Open Challenge BMOC
Register For BGMI Open Challenge BMOC

Register For BGMI Open Challenge BMOC: In 2022, BGMI’s creators, Krafton Inc., unveiled the BGMI esports plan. According to the trailer released, there are four official competitions planned for the calendar year. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Challenge (BMOC) 2022, on the other hand, will start the season.

The competition will commence in April until further notice. As a result, the BMOC registration process has already begun. The tournament registration period began on March 14 and will end on March 27. Krafton anticipates a tremendous response from the underdogs because the competition is entirely for rising talent.

How To Register For BGMI Open Challenge BMOC?

Every team that registers for the competition, according to Krafton, must have a six-man lineup. The remaining two teammates will serve as substitutes for the four players that will compete in the contests. Furthermore, upon enrolling for the event, all participants must have an in-game ID Level of 25 or above and have earned at least the Platinum V tier.

Once the conditions have been satisfied, players can register for BMOC 2022 by following the steps below.

Step-1: Go to BGMI India’s official website or go here to go to the signup page and register for the tournament. Players could also use the register tab in the game to register.

Step-2: Enter a valid email address, followed by the OTP obtained via email. To begin the registration process, click Verify.

Step-3: Fill out the essential information on the following page.

Step-4: Select Proceed from the drop-down menu.

Step-5: Verify and mark all of the boxes to indicate that you agree to the BMOC Terms & Conditions.

Step-6: To join a team, select one of the following categories: Find Team, Create Squad, or Join Squad (only Team leaders are allowed to create squads for the tournament).

Share the Squad invitation code with your teammates.

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