Here’s the list of Top 10 Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale as of October 2022 (updated)

Top 10 Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale as of October 2022
Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale 2022

Emotes are one of the best things about the Clash Royale game, emotes allow you to communicate, give expressions, and a lot more. There is a wider variety of emotes in Clash Royale to date, let’s see the Top 10 Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale as of September 2022.

Top 10 Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale as of October 2022!

1. Rascal Cake Emote

One of the most uncommon and rarest emotes ever introduced by Supercell, the rascal Cake Emote debuted way back in 2019. The rascal girl jumps and pops out of the cake, a rare birthday emote which got launched in March 2019 from Clash Royale.

One of the famous and best birthday event exclusive emote is this rascal cake Emote.

2. Prince Emote

The prince emote is one of the best and also the funniest emotes in Clash Royale till date in 2022. The humorous prince emotes with an awkward mustache, with a teacup, drinking and sipping the tea, use the prince emote to baffle your opponents.

3. Goblin Emote 

The goblin emotes with an evil laugh and an attractive face have been the rarest thing to occur in Clash Royale, the green wicked face of the goblin instantly brings a smile to everyone. Goblin emote can be the best bet for your top decks.

Surprisingly there are more than 30 goblin emotes in the game, out of which most of the goblin emotes are of the rarest rarity from Supercell. Based on the Japanese goblin emoji, the Goblin emote is to date one of the unconventional and rare emotes in Clash Royale.

4. Night Witch Emote

Night Witch emote, the gorgeous lady blows a kiss with a purple/violet colored heart, night witch emote blows a kiss to your enemies, bamboozles and bewitches them, she can be the best addition to your deck in Clash Royale 2022.

5. Pekka 

PEKKA is another notorious and rare emote with a stereo that resembles a tape or even a radio, use this Pekka emote which is a rare one, that can kill your opponents at the beginning or even at the end too. The animation and design of the PEKKA emote is the best thing to talk about the same.

6. Champion Tournament King Emote

Name itself being a champion, this emotes made its way to Clash Royale in Jan 2022 through a global tournament. Way back, only the top 100 most Clash Royale players were given access to this champion tournament king emote, such is the value of this rare Emote.

7. Ram Chewing Grass Emote

This name itself seems quite weird and peculiar, but this awkward and rare emote is much similar to its legendary Ram Rider card too, available from the ram rider draft challenges. Also, 15 wins using the ram rider will help you get this ram-chewing grass to emote in addition, the limited emote launched way back in 2018.

8. Royal Ghost Gem Emote

The Royal ghost with its gem emote is one of the rarest and most unconventional Clash Royale emotes ever introduced by Supercell. In 2018, the royal ghost emote was rewarded to all those players who won Clash Royale legendary trophies, a peculiar green face with some long white beardo makes up for this royal ghost gem emote.

9. Trophy Goblin Emote

CRL 2018 finals event live had brought on this rarest emote to the game of Clash Royale, the Trophy Goblin Emote is a peculiar creature, greenish in color, also seen holding the trophy with full-on swag.

10. Wizard and Ice Spirit Father Christmas Emotes

To date, the only Christmas emotes launched by Supercell for the Clash Royale game are these emote, in Dec 2018 all the players were given this Christmas rare emote for free.

Let’s know in the comments if we have missed any of the rarest emotes. All these rare emotes can go well with your legendary cards and decks in Clash Royale 2022.

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