Rainbow Six Mobile game guide: How to play, gameplay, system requirements and more

Rainbow Six Mobile
Rainbow Six Mobile

Ubisoft has already started its early access program for Rainbow Six Mobile, providing gamers to play and try out the game features before its actual release.¬† Though only a few of the pre-registered players got early access to the closed beta, the reviews seem quite impressive. The closed beta will end in a week, and fans can expect the R6 Mobile official release in the near future. So, here’s a quick guide for Rainbow Six Mobile game on how to play, gameplay, system requirements, and other features.

Rainbow Six Mobile game guide: How to play?

Rainbow Six Mobile is in the beta stage of its development, and players who have previously pre-registered for the game have got the chance to experience the game. If you are one of the lucky players, then head to Google Play Store and you will have the download button there. The game size is approx 1 GB, and after installing you can start playing the game.

R6 Mobile gameplay and features

Rainbow six mobile challenges gamers to perfect the art of devastation while being inspired by the realities of anti-terrorist operators throughout the world. The gameplay is centered on extreme close-quarters combat, high precision, strategies, teamwork, and exciting action.

R6 Mobile provides a variety of operators, who are classified as Attackers or Defenders. Each operator has a unique skill that can help you in various scenarios. In a 5V5 combat, participants must fight tactically, and there are several modes to select from.

You will be assigned daily challenges such as winning matches, damaging reinforcements, and so on, which will help players gain XP that may be used to increase their ranks or earn rewards. Furthermore, platinum coins are premium in-game money that may be used to access premium content in the game.

Rainbow Six Mobile system requirements and release date

The Rainbow Six Mobile system requirements have not yet been disclosed by Ubisoft. However, you may anticipate it to be comparable to other Shooter mobile games. This most probably implies that both iOS and Android devices will require a minimum of 3 GB of RAM. Additionally, you should be using iOS 9.0 (iPhone 7 and later) and Android 5.1 or higher.

Despite the fact that the release date has not yet been determined, it is expected to make its appearance in 2023. It is the mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege, one of the most famous PC games.

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