PUBG Mobile New Supply Crate Leak: Deep Sea Cyscout Suit 2022

PUBG Mobile Deep Sea Cyscout Suit Supply Crate Leak
PUBG Mobile Deep Sea Cyscout Suit Supply Crate Leak

PUBG Mobile Deep Sea Cyscout Suit Supply Crate Leak: Supply Crate PUBG Mobile March 2022 has been leaked close to the end of March. This deal will provide you with a suit that you might use in the battle royale game.

PUBG Mobile is a well-known battle royale game that offers a genuine experience. Despite this, skin things are still available in this game.

Furthermore, the skin’s purpose in the PUBG Mobile game is strictly decorative, and it has no bearing on the player’s characteristics or gun stats.

Frequent offers are available in the PUBG Mobile game throughout the year. Premium Box, Lucky Spin, PUBG Lucky Crate, Supply Crate, and so on are some examples.

PUBG Mobile Deep Sea Cyscout Suit Supply Crate Leak

According to a leak, PUBG Mobile will reintroduce the Deep Sea Cyscout suit in PUBG Mobilewith a Supply Crate event in March 2022.

The Deep Sea Cyscout outfit was originally introduced in the PUBG Mobile game during the first C1S1 season (Cycle 1 Season 1), which took place in July 2021.

Deep Sea Cyscout, as the name suggests, incorporates an ocean theme into a costume. The design of the robe, especially on the head, may be seen.

This water motif is coupled with a robotic theme, which is unusual. Deep Sea Cyscout now resembles an undersea warrior dressed in contemporary garb.

The setting has returned to the PUBG Mobile game as part of a Supply Crate offer that will arrive at the end of the month.

Supply Crate Leak Confirmed?

The Deep Sea Cyscout suit will be the main reward from the revealed Supply Crate event, which will be introduced on March 24, 2022, as per the recently disclosed leaks from the leakers.

Different skin items, including other outfits, gun skins, cap skins, backpack skins, and motorcycle skins, will be available in the upcoming supply chest event in contrast to these options.

Since this is yet a leak, we’ll have to wait for proof from PUBG Mobile on whether the Deep Sea Cyscout setting will be included in the upcoming Supply Crate or not.

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