PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 Pass: Release Date, Rewards And More

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 Pass
PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 Pass: PUBG Mobile Lite, like its forerunner, features a one-of-a-kind pass system known as the Winner Pass. It’s one of the quickest ways for players to get their hands on special skins and outfits.

Every month, the pass is refreshed, with each new one going available on the first of the month. Despite the fact that Season 33 of the Winner Pass began in February, the community is excited for Season 34.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 Pass

The existing pass will be valid until the end of February, following which it will be replaced by a new pass. Season 34 will be available for purchase after its launch on March 1st, which is still a few weeks away. At 2 a.m. UTC, or 7:30 a.m. IST, the pass is expected to be added.

How To Get The Season 34 Pass?

Step-1: Launch the PUBG Mobile Lite app and navigate to the Winner Pass section by tapping the ‘WP’ icon.

Step-2: Select the needed paying version from the ‘Upgrade Pass’ menu. To receive the pass, you must complete the payment.

Step-3: Complete the missions and claim the rewards.

Because the new season pass was just released, there haven’t been many leaks concerning Season 34. The leaked rewards are Dazzling City UAZ, Veggie Carton Backpack,  Red Battlecat Set, etc.

Furthermore, Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus are the two premium versions of the Winner Pass available to players. Even so, to obtain them, people will have to pay between 280 and 800 BC. Players who have enough BC can purchase the Elite Upgrade Plus right now. Because it is less expensive, the original version, i.e. the Elite Upgrade, should be preferred over the Elite Upgrade.

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