PUBG Mobile Concert Support Event – PUBG x BLACKPINK Collaboration Event 2022

PUBG Mobile Concert Support Event - PUBG x BLACKPINK
PUBG Mobile Concert Support Event – PUBG x BLACKPINK

Are you looking for information PUBG Mobile Concert Support Event?¬† This post will provide with details revealed so far.¬† There’s a new Concert Support Event in 2022 for all the PUBG gamers. PUBG is joining hands along with the prominent k-pop band, BLACKPINK. The BLACKPINK already got featured in PUBG earlier, now it’s time for PUBG x BLACKPINK for PUBG Mobile users and players.

PUBG Mobile Concert Support Event – More Details!

The highly influential k-pop girl band BLACKPINK joining hands once again with PUBG means business, the South Korean-based brand community are already having huge fan followers, and the most popular battle royale game PUBG with them means, it’s an explosion already.

PUBG Concert Support Event

Meanwhile, the PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK concert support event is expected to implement new gaming modes, rewards, and updates. And while the concert event of PUBG x BLACKPINK happens, PUBG gamers can groove to the music in the lobby and shake their legs.

The PUBG Mobile Concert event is expected to run till the 31st of August,2022. BLACKPINK x PUBG is gonna be exhilarating for sure with rewards and events aplenty in hand.

Moreover, the PUBG x BLACKPINK Event comprises all these events listed as follows:

Share Concert Ticket: July 15 to 24 July

Concert Preload: July 16 to 22

Concert Support Event: July 19 to 31 July

Activity Event: July 19 to 31 July

The Virtual Concert: July 22 to 24, again July 29 to 31 July

Blackpink Outfits and Voice Pack: July 23 to Aug. 31

The World Record Challenge: July 23 to 31 July

BLACKPINK x PUBG Concert Event Date!

The PUBG Mobile Concert event rate for the Collab between PUBG and BLACKPINK is scheduled between 22nd-23rd July in North America, 29th-30th July in South America and finally 31st July for all others in the world.

The PUBG x BLACKPINK Collab event name has been announced and it’s called the “BLACKPINK The Virtual Event”, from now on by PUBG players.

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