PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Leak: New Bridge In Erangel Map 2022

PUBG 1.9 Update New Bridge Leak In Erangel Map
PUBG 1.9 Update New Erangel Map

PUBG 1.9 Update New Erangel Map: PUBG Mobile is presently coming towards the end of the C2S4 season (Cycle 2 Season 4) and has completely displayed the features and material from the previous patch update 1.8. With the addition of a new bridge, the next season of Erangel PUBG Mobile will be far more interesting. So, this time, we’ll talk about the new bridge leak in the Erangel map.

New Patch Update 1.9 offers minor additions in features that are just as fascinating as the main features and stuff. The new product that will appear in Erangel has been one of them.

PUBG 1.9 Update New Erangel Map

The largest and most famous map in the PUBG Mobile game is Erangel. The dimension of this map is 8×8 kilometers. In the Erangel map, there are two major islands. Specifically, the major island of Erangel and the island of Sosnovka in Erangel’s southern region. Every match drew a large number of participants to the two large islands. The circle, on the other hand, moves at random in the battle royale game. As a result, when the circle shifts¬†to another area, players must cross from their current island to the zone’s island.

Using a bridge to cross to another island is the most convenient option. The combat was particularly brutal there since several players resorted to camp around the bridge in order to attack players who crossed it.

The combat tactics on the bridge will be new this season because tomorrow’s patch note 1.9 will include a bridge change.

The goal of the new bridge in Erangel, according to PUBG Mobile, is to refresh the design of the river on the battlefield. With the addition of a new road on the bridge’s side, you’ll be able to devise new strategies for battling on the bridge. For example, by crossing that road to fire at opponents on the bridge’s major highway.

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