How to Pre-register for Rainbow Six Mobile in India?

Pre-register for Rainbow Six Mobile in India
Rainbow six siege mobile

The Rainbow Six Siege PC video game is all set to release for Mobile users too in India, though the exact and official release date for Rainbow Six Siege Mobile has not been announced yet, it’s expected to release sometime later within this year.

Now all those who have been wanting to play Rainbow Six in Mobile must Pre-register for the same by downloading it from Google Play Store. Here’s a guide to download the same from us through this Two ways to pre-register for rainbow six siege mobile in India Guide!

How to Pre-register for Rainbow Six Mobile in India?

The best and most convenient way to pre-register for the game is via Google Play Store. The steps are as follows:

1. Launch Google Playstore on your Mobile device, search for Rainbow Six, then you will be getting the same.

2. Now click on the pre-register app which will be available on Playstore, as the install option will only be made available after the launch.

3. Once you click on “Pre-register” for Rainbow Six Mobile, you should also be seeing a pop-up in the form of “We’ll notify you when this game is released”, also two more options, “Install when available”, which will automatically install Rainbow Six Siege in your Mobile as you wished to Pre-register for the same.

Another one is the Ok option, also you can also change the option of installing it when it’s available.

That’s the simplest and easiest way to Pre-register for Rainbow Six for Android Mobiles in 2022, as the registration of the game is live and underway, Ubisoft Entertainment has been planning to give the best version of the Six Siege to all the mobile players now.

Go and register for Rainbow Six Mobile 2022 now on Google Play Store easily, the only concern is that, the release date for the game’s official release date has alone been pending from Ubisoft Entertainment yet.

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