What Are 5 Cool And Popular Victory Umbrellas in Fortnite?

Cool And Popular Victory Umbrellas in Fortnite
Cool And Popular Victory Umbrellas in Fortnite

Cool And Popular Victory Umbrellas in Fortnite: Gliders are one of the most enticing cosmetics in Fortnite. The makers have supplied gamers with a range of gliders to choose from since the beginning of the game. These gliders aid players in securely gliding and landing after exiting the Battle Bus or landing at a high elevation on the map.

Victory Umbrella, despite its large number of gliders, has a special position in the gamer’s inventory. Every season, Epic produces a new Victory Umbrella style. These gliders are only available after winning a Victory Royale, and gliding with various umbrellas provides players a good sensation. In this article, we will discuss the 5 Cool And Popular Victory Umbrellas in Fortnite.

5 Cool And Popular Victory Umbrellas

Palm Leaf

In Season 8, Epic debuted the Palm Leaf umbrella to match the beach theme. The glider was meticulously crafted to resemble a series of intertwined palm fronds. The glider’s green tone, along with the brownish handle, was both magnificent and basic.


The Holographic Victory Umbrella was released in Season 9, and it was a major hit among loopers. When the glider is deployed, the umbrella’s primary pole is revealed, followed by the upper shade piece, which appears as a hologram, as the title suggests.

 Paper Parasol

Paper Parasol, which debuted in Fortnite Season 3, is one of the game’s most colorful gliders. Besides, the reddish color of the umbrella sticks out against the rest, as do the dragon images. Gamers can still be seen utilizing this glider now and then.

Seven Signet

The Seven Signet, the most recent Victory Umbrella in the game, is similar to the Foundation. The metallic finish on the top half is stunning, and the red glow adds to its appeal. In Fortnite, the glider serves as a threat symbol and can be seen rather often.


In Chapter 2 of Season 7, the aliens essentially ruled the island. The Invasion glider, on the other hand, was in the spotlight for all the right reasons. To complement the season’s theme, the glider was designed like a UFO.

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