List Of Top 10 Popular Online Multiplayer Games in 2022!

Top 10 Popular Online Multiplayer Games in 2022
Top 10 Popular Online Multiplayer Games in 2022

Are you in search of popular multiplayer games to try in 2022? There are many famous online multiplayer video games all over the world. But only the best and top games are played in huge numbers. We list out the Top 10 Popular Online Multiplayer Games for mobile as well as PC as of 2022 over here.

Top 10 Popular Online Multiplayer Games in 2022!

1. PUBG Mobile / BGMI

Arguably the greatest battle royale game in the world currently is PUBG Mobile with a remarkable number of players. The growth of PUBG Mobile games is evidently such that many Esports tournaments are being conducted worldwide even at the international level like CWG Games. PUBG Mobile from the devs and team of Tencent has definitely hit the bullseye of all the gamers, and we must appreciate Tencent for their richly deserving efforts and hard work all over these years.

2. Apex Legends Mobile

One of the best and most popular battles royale cum action-shooter multiplayer games for mobile in the world in 2022 is this Apex Legends. Very recently a mobile version of the same named Apex Legends Mobile has also been launched and unveiled due to the number of requests and queries worldwide.

3. Fortnite

Another top-class battle royale multiplayer game in the form of Fortnite, Fortnite is emerging as a potential strong contender to replace the incumbent numero uno PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Epic Games the devs of Fortnite have done a remarkable job, especially this year with their Collaborations too, as Fortnite has even recently joined hands with John Cena for a skin and Collab cross-over event.

4. Minecraft

If you want action Minecraft is there, if you wanna explore more regions Minecraft is there, if you are an adventurous game fan, then once again Minecraft is there, as Minecraft has been the superfast and emerging top multiplayer survival game. Start playing this wonderful Minecraft game, if you haven’t yet.

5. League of Legends

League of Legends or LoL an excellent Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game is going strong with more and more updates and features. Ever since Riot Games launched the game in 2009, LoL has been the game to play for. LoL with a couple of teams and more players will always be exciting to play for.

6. Pokémon Go

The fictional and anime tv series Pokémon’s legacy has always been there in its game too, Pokemon Go is youngsters’ favorite multiplayer game, where you could find many Pokémon, gym fight battles and poke balls, etc which keep you hooked to always play the Pokemon Go game.

7. GTA Vice City

The ever-green blockbuster, popular multiplayer game from Rockstar and GTA is GTA Vice City, and GTA Vice City is an emotion for all the 90s kids even today. The variety of interesting missions with Tommy and a plethora of cheat codes with the ing weapons and guns are always a delightful pleasure to play in this super amazing GTA Vice City game.

8. PUBG New State Mobile

The official doppelganger of BGMI for all the Indian gamers and players has been this New State Mobile PUBG Version, developed by the same devs of PUBG Mobile and PUBG, Krafton is taking all the necessary steps to make this multiplayer video game to the next level just after the removal and ban of BGMI in India.

9. Call of Duty: Warzone

A high explosive voltage and action entertainer game, call of duty warzone has been a beastly multiplayer video game, especially in India. A Top class shooting game with some menacing guns and bullets firing all over after getting triggered, go and play call of duty warzone now.

10. PUBG Lite

The dad of all battle royale and multiplayer games all over the world is definitely this PUBG Lite game by Krafton, PUBG paved the way for other games and encouraged them to do better and better. A battle royale PUBG Game, where you literally tussle out with 100 others and emerge victorious in the battle with some of the best guns available in the game.

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