Pokemon Go Battle League Season 12 All Rewards, End Date, and More

Pokémon Go Battle League Season 12 2022 - All Rewards
Pokémon Go Battle League Season 12 2022 – All Rewards

Pokemon Go Battle League Season 12 has been going perfectly well ever since its launch date of September 1st, 2022. Hope all the Pokemon Go fans are enjoying the game’s new updates and challenges also with its rewards too.

Here let’s see all the possible Pokemon Go Battle Season 12 rewards, events and end date of the same.

Pokemon Go Battle League Season 12 2022 – All Rewards!

The lost of Pokémon Go Battle Season 12, Season of Light ranked rewards are here,

-Rank 1 guaranteed – Pinsir encounter,

-Rank +1 – Litwick, Meditite, Poliwag, Wingull, or Woobat encounter

-Rank 6 – guaranteed Mienfoo encounter

-Rank 6+ – Frillish, Mienfoo, or Skarmory encounter

-Rank 11+ – Hitmontop, Lickitung, Onix, Phantump, or Ralts encounter

-Rank 16+ – Espeon, Miltank, or Umbreon encounter

-Rank 19 – guaranteed Elite Charged TM & Elite Fast TM (awarded at the end of the season)

-Rank 20+ – Current 5-Star Raid Boss encounter

-Ace Rank guaranteed –  Axew encounter, Guzma-Style Watch & Guzma-Style Bracelet

-Veteran Rank guaranteed – Noibat encounter & Guzma-Style Pants

-Expert Rank guaranteed – Goomy encounter & Guzma-Style Glasses

-Legend Rank guaranteed – Pikachu Libre encounter, Guzma-Style Shirt & Guzma-Style Pose

Moreover, some of the major events scheduled for Pokémon Go Battle Season 12 are – the Guzma Battle Day event starting on 1st October, 2022 and Miltank Battle Day on 6th November, 2022.

Pokemon Go battle league 2022 Season 12 –  End Date, and More!

As the Pokémon Go Battle Season 12 commenced on from 1st September, 2022, it’s more likely that the season will last for 3 months, so the end date for Pokémon Go Battle Season 12 is December 1st, 2022. The other battle events for Pokemon go season 12 have been scheduled right from 1st September till December 1st.

  • Master League & Master Premier Clasic is the next major battle event from 29th September
  • Master League & Evolution Cup is scheduled between October 6th -13th window.
  • Great League, Ultra League & Master League for oct 13th-20th,
  • Great League & Halloween Cup from 20th-27th oct,
  • Great League & Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition is happening from 27th October, 2022 and happens till 3rd Nov, 2022.

Ultra League & Willpower Cup, Ultra League & Ultra Premier, Master League & Element Cup Remix, Master League & Catch Cup: Season of Light Edition all these events will conclude the Pokémon Go Battle Season 12 edition finally on 1st Dec, 2022. Let’s know via comments if you have any queries related to Pokemon Go Battle League.

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