How To Get Tickets To Enter Beta Test In New State Labs?

Get Beta Test With New State Labs
Get Beta Test With New State Labs

Are you wondering on how to get tickets to enter the Beta Test in New State Labs? New State Mobile akin to PUBG for all Indian BGMI gamers has now come up with an exciting feature named the “New State Labs”. This post will provide you with everything there’s to know about it.

How To Get Tickets To Enter Beta Test In New State Labs? – Follow These Steps!

This new state labs in New State Mobile is literally a beta test server, means the game’s new features, updates, mechanics and game play are being tested by the devs of the New State Mobile Game.

Usually the developers test them privately and are kept confidential without being leaked to the New State Mobile gamers. But, however closed-testing mode feature is set to be changed this time for New State Mobile, as players are getting the chance for this beta version from them.

However no official info is yet on about how to join and get tickets to enter this world of new state labs beta test version.

But the invitation link is expected to be the only viable option for all the PUBG New State Mobile players to access this beta test version.

So it’s expected that, Krafton may share an official link on how to join this beta test version of New State Mobile’s new feature new state labs.

What is the New State Labs?

New State Labs is an upcoming new feature in the New State Mobile game, where a certain and specific set of New State Mobile players will exclusively be able to enjoy and get access to the future gaming contents of the game, thereby also giving feedback, suggestions, and comments about this New State Labs to the developers officially.

The best New State Mobile gamers shall stand a chance to exclusively enjoy the beta test version of New State Mobile game’s New State Labs feature.

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