New LOL Champion leaks: K’Sante new male Ixtal champion arriving soon

New LOL Champion leaks- K'Sante
New LOL Champion leaks- K’Sante

Are you a League of legends player and want to know new champions coming into the game? So, this article will cover the recent surfacing leaks. The current League of Legends season 12 is expected to stay until November 2022. As a bunch of LoL champions already got released in this year, also the set of LoL champions will arrive one by one in the coming months too.

The existing LoL champs will also be having some updates to their current skills and abilities, whilst the new set of LoL champions for 2022 are gonna be updated over here below.

League of Legends new champion released and leaks

The latest LoL champion which got released through the LoL season 12 patch v12.12 update was the Nilah, The Joy Bound.

Nilah made her debut in the Version 12.12 PBE patch update on league of legends season 12. Before Nilah, it was Bel’Veth, Renata Glasc, Zeri and Vex, who were the recently released LoL champions.

New LOL Champion leaks- K’Sante a new male Ixtal champion releasing in November this year

According to a new LOL Champion leak, Top Lane Tank from Nazumah at Shurima named K’Sante, a brand new LoL champion from the Ixtal region in the form of the male enchanter, all these new LoL champion is getting ready for their release from the end of 2022. The release for K’Sante’s release is expected during the next season’s launch- with season 13 in November 2022.

The abilities of K’Sante and the new male Ixtal champion are to be more on magical powers, super flying abilities, crowd controlling skills, and a lot more.

Riot Games will officially announce the coming set of LoL champions list for 2022, and with their abilities, the current existing LoL champs will also undergo some buffs and nerfs, and a patch rework too.

For now, all this news and leaks on the upcoming LoL 2022 champions list are only tentative. Just wait for the official new champions on LoL, one is expected to release in November, just to commemorate with the next League Of Legends Season 13 update.

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