New Leaks PUBG Mobile X Lamborghini Teaser Collaboration- Launch Date And More

PUBG Mobile X Lamborghini Teaser
PUBG Mobile X Lamborghini Teaser

PUBG Mobile X Lamborghini Teaser: In honor of a special month, there has been a leak of the PUBG Mobile x Lamborghini partnership, which will be released in March. The return of premium automobile skins in the game will be a special anniversary gift.

PUBG Mobile is presently nearing the end of the C2S4 season (Cycle 2 Season 4), which includes different features and stuff from the released recently patch update 1.8. Now, prior of the changeover of the new season, PUBG Mobile will be updated to patch 1.9, which is set to release tomorrow, March 18, 2022.

PUBG Mobile X Lamborghini Teaser 

According to reports, the March PUBG Mobile anniversary season will include pricey automobile skins from Lamborghini, in contrast to the partnership with Warframe.

Previously, PUBG Mobile collaborated with a number of vehicle companies, including McLaren, Tesla, and Koenigsegg. As a premium car skin, the cost of the skins has surged up to Ten million rupees as a result of this agreement. PUBG Mobile will now make a return to present a premium car in conjunction with Lamborghini.

As per the above-mentioned leak, the Lamborghini cooperation will debut in March 2022. However, because this is merely a leak, we must wait for proof from PUBG Mobile.

If this is true, the inclusion of a premium Lamborghini car in this famous battle royale game will make the fourth-anniversary event even more vibrant.

PUBG Mobile X Lamborghini Launch Date

The collaboration skin launch date is not yet revealed by Krafton itself. However, according to speculations it is expected to release by the end of this March month. So this verifies previous speculations that there would be two skins available at PUBGM in partnership with Lamborghini, the two skins being Lamborghini Aventador and Urus automobile skins in PUBG Mobile.

However, for one additional sort of car that was not previously stated, it is possible that it was merely mentioned as a supplement to the film or that it would be displayed.

Furthermore, it is unknown when Krafton will carry out this partnership, but what is definite is that if there is a teaser like this, it will most likely happen any time soon.

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