New BGMI Map In TDM Mode: Santorini Map Complete Details

Santorini Map BGMI
Santorini Map BGMI

Santorini Map BGMI: New features, modes, and maps have been added to BGMI’s latest February update to enhance the players’ experience. Millions of players have found the new Santorini TDM map to be superior to the Jujutsu Kaisen mode map, making its introduction to the game a progressive move.

In the Unranked Arena format of play, Santorini is the largest map accessible. After Warehouse, Ruins, and Hanger, it is the game’s fourth map. In Team Death Match (TDM) and Arena Training modes, players can go to the Unranked section and select a map.

New BGMI Map In TDM Mode: Santorini

The Santorini Islands of Greece are depicted and rendered on the new TDM map. On the map, there are a few modest white cottages that are ideal for sniping. These little buildings provide shelter and can also be used as camping sites. Furthermore, this is the only map with ladders that may be utilized to climb to other locations.

Players are given the same armament as those on the Warehouse map when playing the map in Arena Training mode. They can choose any weapon and add it to their loadout before starting a match in Team Death Match mode.

The Santorini map has pursued a different course, establishing itself as the only map in TDM mode that permits 8v8 confrontations(clashes). As a result, the conventional 4v4 gameplay in the game has been removed. In the Season tab, you’ll find the location and clues for these boxes. These crates contain loot as well as things that can be exchanged for rewards. Some objects can also be utilized to attain specific goals.

Red and Blue teams are divided into two groups. Furthermore, the number of participants has doubled from 8 to 16, resulting in a 40 to 80 total required kills increase. The winning team is the one that reaches the target first within the time limit of 10 minutes.


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