Here’s the list of Top 10 Most Used Cards in Clash Royale for November 2022

Top 10 Most Used Cards in Clash Royale of November 2022 
Most used cards in Clash Royale

Cards play a crucial role in Clash Royale, as the best cards, troops, and decks decide your success in the game. Though players wonder about selecting the best one. So, here’s the list of the Top 10 most used cards in Clash Royale as of 2022.

Top 10 Most Used Cards in Clash Royale for November 2022 

Here are the most powerful and hence the most used Clash Royale cards as of 2022, all the cards are of different rarities in the game.

1. Mega Knight

The Mega Knight troop is a legendary card, one of the best picks ever from Clash Royale. Once you reach Arena level 7, get the mega knight card. Armor, spiky fists, gray chainmail all these make mega knight one of the best troops. The mega knight has over 200 damage per second, 4000 hitpoints and 270 area damage in addition.

2. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is the most used female card ever in Clash Royale, a melee troop that’s high on hit points. Get the Valkyrie card after reaching the bone pit. Hogs, Fireballs, Wizards, and Minions are the best decks for the Valkyrie rare card.

3. Hog Rider

Another famous rare card, hog rider can be obtained after reaching the Spell Valley which is also the Arena level 5. Another melee troop with the best damage points and target attacks.

Hog Rider is available for 4 Elixir, hog rider is one of the best melee troops such that it can cross bridges and rivers easily. Hog riders can easily inflict damage of 400 per second.

4. Ice Spirit

One of the most used and common cards from Clash Royale, the ice spirit card is obtained from the frozen peak which is also the arena level 8. Ice spirit card just needs 1 elixir cost, the hitpoints of ice spirit make it one of the best card decks.

5. Baby Dragons

Baby Dragons are the most used cards by Clash Royale fans, especially for their elegance and beauty, this epic card is obtained from Arena 2. The major feature of these baby dragons is that they can attack both ground and aerial too. The fireballs from the baby dragons are an instant poison to your enemies.

6. The Log

One of the unique legendary cards, yet the most used Clash Royale card deck in November 2022. Reaching the builder’s deck will unlock the log card, also complete the shop quests and legendary chests to unlock the log card.

7. Balloon

The balloon is an epic rarity card, unlocked at arena level 6. The balloons are so explosive that her bombs have inflicted damage of over 900 per second on average. The health points of balloons are also at 1670, which makes balloons one of the most used Clash Royale cards in 2022.

Also, balloons have always been players’ favorite, so even if the abilities of balloons are lesser, still Clash Royale fans use balloons in more numbers always.

8. Prince

Another epic card unlocked from the royal arena level 7, the prince card deck has always been a single target melee troop with high damage points to its name. Prince’s target range of shots is always longer.

9. Sparky

Sparky is the best legendary card from Clash Royale, unlocked at arena level 11 which is also the electro valley, she holds the best damaging abilities in the game when compared to other female cards. Sparky card means sparkles.

10. P.E.K.K.A

PEKKA is the best ever melee combat troop ever introduced in Clash Royale. One of the heavy troops and most used troops, with a damaged power of 900. Pekka also has extraordinary hitpoints of over 3700. It  is also lazy at times, as it’s a heavily armored troop, yet Pekka can inflict explosive damage to enemies and opponents.


1. Which is the most used rare card in Clash Royale? 

Fireballs are the most used cards by Clash Royale players

2. Which is the least used card in Clash Royale? 

Freeze Spell and Musketeers are the least used cards by Clash Royale gamers and players in 2022.

So, here ends our top 10 list of most used cards in Clash Royale. Let’s know in the comment section below if you have any related queries.

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