3 Most Rare Items In Minecraft 1.18.2 That Only 1% Players Have

3 Most Rare Items In Minecraft 1.18.2
3 Most Rare Items In Minecraft 1.18.2

3 Most Rare Items In Minecraft 1.18.2: Minecraft, like several other games, includes a rarity game mechanic. There are four different rarities for accomplishments, bricks, and objects: ordinary, unusual, rare, and amazing.

Epic things are usually unobtainable blocks such as command blocks, spawners, structural blocks, and so on. Things that can be crafted and aren’t too tough to find make up rare and uncommon items.

Items with a higher rarity rating in Minecraft aren’t always rare. Several things labeled as common can be difficult to come by. Some of Minecraft’s rarest items are featured in this article.

3 Most Rare Items In Minecraft 1.18.2

Sea Lanterns

Sea lanterns are an excellent source of light in Minecraft, but they’re difficult to come by in most scenarios. This is due to the fact that they only appear in ocean monuments and underwater ruin buildings, which are both time-consuming and risky to investigate.

Moreover, undersea explorations might be challenging in general. To stay underneath of water for an extended length of time, players usually need to employ enchantments.

Mob Heads

The player, zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, creepers, and the Ender Dragon are the six attainable entity heads in Minecraft automatically and it is the most rare items of Minecraft.

For the most part, mob heads are available. They do, however, necessitate a significant amount of effort, and players must complete a variety of requirements in order to earn them.

Other heads, such as skeletons and zombies, require players to ensure that the mob in concern is slain by a loaded creeper’s explosion. It’s no surprise that these heads are prized because they’re hard to come by and require a lightning bolt to kill a creeper.

Nether Dragon Egg

The dragon egg is formed after players fight the Ender Dragon, and it has long been regarded as one of Minecraft’s most rare items in Minecraft.

Java Edition players can get one of these items by default if they stand above the departure portal. In the meantime, Bedrock Edition players will be able to obtain two dragon eggs if they defeat two Ender Dragons during their game.

Instead, you’ll have to use commands to get this item, and it won’t even come from your Creative Mode inventory. Players can’t just mine it because it has the ability to teleport.

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