What Are The 4 Most Popular Flying Mobs In Minecraft 2022?

Most Popular Flying Mobs
Most Popular Flying Mobs

Most Popular Flying Mobs: In Minecraft, there are several distinct types of mobs. Various mobs are characterized as aquatic, airborne, hostile, passive, and neutral. Although there are fewer flying mobs than other types of mobs, they are still among the most crucial in the game. Without them, significant areas of the game would be unavailable. It will almost probably be a lot of additional flying mobs in the future. In this article, you will get to know about the 5 most popular flying mobs of Fortnite.

4 Most Popular Flying Mobs In Minecraft 2022

Ender Dragon

The best flying mob is the Ender Dragon. It’s the game’s final boss, and defeating it is a true challenge. Players who complete the quest will earn a Dragon Egg as well as a large amount of XP. It doesn’t have a particularly impressive drop, but beating it is the game’s final aim.


In the Nether, Minecraft blazes fly around shooting fireballs at gamers. While they can be aggravating to deal with, they are one of the few mobs without which you would be unable to complete the game. Blaze powder is used to manufacture potions, but it may also be used to make Eyes of Ender, which are required for the End gateway to be completed.

The Wither

Many believe the Wither to be the most difficult monster in the game, even more so than the Ender Dragon. Although defeating it is difficult, it drops one of the best components in the game: a Nether star. It’s difficult to produce a beacon without it, hence the Wither is a great evil.


Bees are a very crucial mob that was introduced in the 1.15 update. They help flowers and trees develop by pollinating the region where they spawn. Moreover, they allow the honey to participate in the game. Honey blocks, honey combs, and honey jars are all very handy.

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