List of Top 10 Best and Most Popular Clash Royale Decks As Of 2022 (Updated)

op 10 Best and Most Popular Clash Royale Decks As Of 2022
Top 10 Best and Most Popular Clash Royale Decks Of 2022

There have been lots of Decks in Clash Royale. Some may use one, some may use the other. Now we have filtered the best Clash Royale Decks for August month 2022. These are the list Top 10 best the most popular Decks in the Clash Royale game in 2022.

Top 10 best the most popular Decks in the Clash Royale game in 2022

1. Mega Knight Graveyard

The Mega Knight Graveyard deck in Clash Royale usually costs around 4.5 elixirs on an avg. The best about this deck is its defensive prowess. The Mega Knight Graveyard deck also has 3 Epics and Legendary Cards. So, acquire this godly defensive, the most used, and mega knight graveyard deck if you haven’t purchased and used it yet in the Clash Royale game.

2. Fisherman Giant Skeleton Deck

This deck is highly fruitful for a proper Defense, using this deck will require Earthquake, Electro Spirit, Fisherman, Giant Skeleton, Hunter, Royal Giant, Zappies, and The Log. And hence it is the third most popular deck in Clash Royale as of 2022.

3. Goblin Cage Loon Cycle 

Another deadly defensive, best, and most used deck from Clash Royale has to be this Goblin Cage Loon Cycle deck. The brawler is exceptionally powerful over here. Always equip a cage and musketeer while defending. For proper attacks and maul loon and lumberjack may be used. To use the Goblin Cage Loon Cycle deck have lumberjack, musketeer, balloon, bats, and barbarian barrel as the cards alongside the goblin cage too.

4. Hog 2.6 Cycle

TBH this Hog 2.6 Cycle deck majorly focused on a player’s strengths in Clash Royale than its own power. Once you equip the Hog 2.6 deck, your defense troop gets automatically stronger. Skeleton, The Log, Musketeer, Hog Rider, Cannon, Fireball, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem cards are all an integral part to get this Hog 2.6 Cycle deck in the Clash Royale game.

5. Lava Hound Balloon Deck

Lava Hound is an aerial balloon deck, which does wonders while on air by insane attacks on buildings. To get the services of a lava hound balloon deck, Zap, Tombstone, Skeleton Dragons, and Minions are a must as a prelude to owning it in Clash Royale. It is the 5th deck in our list of most popular Clash Royale decks, owing to its huge popularity.

6. Golden Knight Mirror Deck 

This deck is based on barbarians. Uses around 4 Elixir. With a new polish update for the Golden Knight Mirror deck, it’s gotten a completely new revamped look too. So it is among the best and most popular decks of Clash Royale in 2022. Elixir Collector, Barbarian Barrels, Elite Barbarians, and finally the Golden Knight are a must to acquire this deck.

7. Lumberloon Double Dragon Deck

The Lumberloon Freeze Deck is the seventh most popular deck in Clash Royale in 2022 and is inspired by balloons. Having more Baby dragons in Clash Royale will help more to get this lumber-look balloon deck. Freeze, Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, and Tornado are a part of it.

8. Ebarb EG Healer Rage

This is a battle healer and a highly effective deck. Ebarb EG Healer Rage deck is one of the top decks ever from Clash Royale which assists you to cross over the Arena level with ease. Around 4 Elixir on average is used to consume this. Arrows, Battle Healer, Rage, Electro Dragons, and Elite Barbarians cards are used to build on this deck.

9. Electro Giant Mirror Deck

The Electro Giant Mirror deck goes very well on with Dart Goblins. The damage from high distance ranges is extraordinary from this electro Giant Mirror deck of Clash Royale. That’s why this is one of the top most used and best decks from the Clash Royale game in 2022 as of now.

10. Golem Skeleton King

Golem Skeleton King Deck has been used well along with Golem, Lightning, Tombstone, Skeleton King, Night Witch, etc. Also, the skeleton decks pair up well with a lot of minions.

These are the top 10 decks included in our list of best and most popular Clash Royale decks. Use the best deck wisely and pick the best ones from these best decks.

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