Moss Legends Pack Returns In Fortnite Upcoming Season 2

Moss Legends Pack Returns (Omega Skins Return)
Moss Legends Pack Returns (Omega Skins Returns)

Moss Legends Pack Returns: The Moss Legend Pack is most likely to reappear in Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite. The cosmetic is believed to have a twist and will be different from the previous skin introduced in  Season 4.

Epic Games has published hundreds of skins for users to claim since 2017. New costumes will be released in the future by the developers. The desire for OG skins in the game, on the other hand, continues even now.

Moss Legends Pack Returns In Chapter 3 Season 2

The skins from the Moss Legend Pack were added to Tier 100 of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Even then, there were only a few gamers. Because grinding XP was difficult, not everyone was able to reach level 100. As a result, only a handful few players have this skin in their collections.

Recently, several community members reported having gotten a leaked photo, which was afterward erased by the producers. In this photo, you can see characters like Black Knight, Omega, and Rainbow Bomber. Furthermore, none of them are dressed in their original outfits. Instead, they’re all covered in a yellowish substance. The cosmetic item is known as the Moss Legends bundle.

This data was included in the game but has since been removed by the authorities. Epic seems unlikely to release them this season, given that Chapter 3 Season 1 is only two weeks old. The cosmetics will be available in Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite.

When Will We Get To See Omega Skins In Fortnite?

The final weeks of  Season 1 are now being enjoyed by gamers. They have a full schedule of grinding all of the remaining XP in order to rank up and claim the Battle Pass goodies that have yet to be claimed. Everyone, on the other hand, is eager to learn when the new season will be launched. On March 19, the Battle Pass will come to an end. As a result, as soon as the downtime is done, the next season will be released on March 20.

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