What are the features included in the Minecraft Lightyear DLC which is just released on marketplace?

 Minecraft Lightyear DLC which is just released on marketplace
Minecraft Lightyear DLC which is just released on marketplace

Minecraft Lightyear DLC which is just released on the marketplace: You may go through Buzz’s origin tale and assist him in navigating an alien world following a terrible midair collision in the Lightyear DLC. Players may play as this Academy-trained hero in five tasks, which include a hazardous forest, a marsh, and a mine, along with numerous alien communities. You must explore the landscape while fighting foes and bosses with numerous gadgets throughout each game. Players get to fly various aircraft between operations and must dodge obstacles to reach their next target safely. Even if “safely” on an unfriendly extraterrestrial world is a relative phrase. However, players must remember to check out the free Lightyear-themed Character Creator gear included in the DLC by going to the Dressing Room.

What is the release date for Minecraft Lightyear DLC on Nintendo Switch?

This DLC is presently unavailable for download on the Nintendo Switch console following a recent conflict with Emperor Zurg. Worry not, the space rangers are approaching! Lightyear would be released for Nintendo Switch in the near future. On June 17, 2022, the authorized collaboration¬†pack for Buzz Lightyear’s entrance in Minecraft was published. The DLC bundle is now accessible for download, but users must first have Minecraft: Bedrock Version and accessibility to the Minecraft store.

Features in the game

Players will be able to play through Buzz’s genesis narrative and assist him to traverse an extraterrestrial world following an unpleasant crash landing, according to the developers.

Players will have to negotiate “a dangerous forest, a marsh, and a mine, as well as numerous alien villages” in the five objectives included with the DLC.

The experience will include flying vehicles, amazing gadgets, and boss battles. The Lightyear DLC will feature fresh content for individuals wishing to repair their personalities if they are expecting to gain a new Character Creator piece. The bundle is not yet available on Nintendo Switch, but the makers say it will be “soon.”

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