PUBG X McLaren collaboration: How to get McLaren Skin in PUBG?

McLaren Skin in PUBG
McLaren Skin in PUBG

PUBG update v19.2 has been released with lots of new updates, skins, rewards, and weather system updates also with some animations and graphics too. Yet the major highlight of this PUBG new 19.2 update is that, PUBG x McLaren collaboration.

Yes, you’re reading it right now, the new PUBG update has a crossover event with the famous Britain car manufacturers in the form of McLaren, so PUBG players can exclusively get on their hands on the brand new McLaren automotive car skins.

How much will it cost to get McLaren in PUBG? 

To obtain the McLaren GT Skin in PUBG, players need some in-game currency and also the G Coins, else you should finish all the challenges to complete getting the McLaren skin for free in PUBG.

So the PUBG limited time 19.2 update will enable you all to get the McLaren skin until November 2nd for all the PC gamers and November 9th for all the console gamers.

To get the McLaren skin in PUBG, you will need 3270 G Coins to get the CRAFTER PASS: McLAREN TOKEN & LEVEL PACK Crafter Pass: McLaren (Premium)30 Levels100, while  CRAFTER PA is available for 990 G Coins.

PUBG x McLaren Collaboration Items!

All the items which will be included in the PUBG x McLaren item bundle are Crafter Pass: McLaren (Premium)100 McLaren Token, Crafter Pass: McLaren (Premium)30 Levels100 McLaren Token, a McLaren GT Standard – Onyx Black vehicle skin, costume, gear, emote, and more” through the in-game McLaren Loot Caches, a brand new vehicle workshop, and a McLaren container car.

As the PUBG x McLaren Crossover event ends in another month’s time, make sure to get all the McLaren skins, items, outfits, and cosmetics with the PUBG McLaren item bundle sooner in the game.

Expect more collaborations during the PUBG 19.2 update, as still more than time to go. Now you may all buy and purchase the McLaren GT Skin in PUBG before they all expire in the game.

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