Major Changes In BGMI 1.9 Update- New Added Features And More

Major Changes In BGMI 1.9 Update
Major Changes In BGMI 1.9 Update

Major Changes In BGMI 1.9 Update: The game’s makers, Krafton Inc., has finally given the go-ahead for the 1.9 updates to be released. Its arrival has been eagerly anticipated by players.

The patch notes have been revealed, despite the fact that the patch is not expected to be distributed until later this week. Here are some further specifics about the impending update’s improvements and features. This article will help you with the upcoming changes and new additional features.

Major Changes In BGMI 1.9 Update

New Mode- Holi Dhamaka

The Holi Dhamaka mode (Anniversary mode in PUBG Mobile) is now available in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The slider icon on the Erangel and Livik maps there under the ‘Ranked’ mode option can be used to choose this mode.

Sky Island Themed Map

Sky Island has already been added to the Erangel and Livik theme mode maps in BGMI. Users will be able to land on one of two Sky Islands until returning to the major map. The main island is similar to Winter Castle and Rising Temple, both of which were extremely popular when they first came out in the game.

Gamers will see their avatar faces morph into balls of various colors after landing on the islands, including red, yellow, green, and purple. These colors can be adjusted at various points across the island. Individuals must acquire coins that have the same hue as their faces. These tokens can then be used to summon supplies on the major map.

Army Base Changes

Army Bases, which can be found on Erangel, have also been included in the new version. These bases will assist players in scanning the area for close vehicles. Erangel’s Sosnovka Bridge is also being renovated.

The new Cheer Park, which will have a new racing track, shooting range, and other amenities, deserves special note.

In addition, the future update will include various enhancements to the Livik Aftermath mode and the Arena mode, which will significantly improve players’ playing experience.

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