How To Get 30% Discount On M82B Vampire Malevolence?

M82B Vampire Malevolence Free Fire
M82B Vampire Malevolence Free Fire

Free Fire periodically releases new content and events that are only available in the game, with interesting rewards. Skins for weapons are quite popular among Free Fire gamers and are in high demand. They increase gun statistics while simultaneously improving their visual appeal. M82B Vampire Malevolence is the new weapon royale grand prize.

The M82B Vampire Malevolence was just introduced as a prize in the new Weapon Royale. The skin has a beautiful appearance, with red and silver color combinations based on the Bats theme.

M82B Vampire Malevolence: New Weapon Royale

The new Weapon Royale will be accessible for the next 29 days, giving players plenty of time to try it out. To make the spin and get random rewards, they will have to pay diamonds. Instead of diamonds, users can also make use of the Weapon Royale Voucher, which is free to earn.

Furthermore, a daily discount of 30% will be applied to the first spin, whether it is for 1 spin or 10+1 spin. However, additional spins will cost 50 diamonds for a single spin and 500 diamonds for 10+1 spins. The following features are included in M82B Vampire Malevolence:

+ Penetration

+ Reload Speed

– Movement Speed

Steps To Get The New M82B Skin:

Step-1: Go to the Free Fire main lobby and hover the Luck Royale section there.

Step-2: Users should then select the Weapon Royale tab from the left-hand menu.

Step-3: Make spins using diamonds and get rewards.

Furthermore, unlike the Faded Wheel and certain other events, the M82B new skin is not a guaranteed reward. Players require to make multiple spins to earn this skin. Also, because it is a Luck-based royale, players must have a high luck rate in order to win the ultimate prize in fewer spins.

Players may receive additional rewards such as permanent or temporary gun skins and Catseye tokens on every spin. The grand reward can be redeemed if there are enough tokens.

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