How To Get The M1887- Incendium Burst Gun Skin From Incubator?

M1887- Incendium Burst Gun Skin
M1887- Incendium Burst Gun Skin

M1887- Incendium Burst: As part of the Element M1887 event on February 14, 2022, Free Fire (FF) unveiled four legendary M1887 gun skins. This event will be available to players for a limited time only. M1887 is one of the most used weapons in Clash Squad and BR mode for short-range flights.
This is the most popular SG gun since it deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time. In Free Fire, legendary gun skins have enhanced features that give the user additional power. Given that Free Fire is a competitive battle royale game, having a lethal Element M1887 will almost certainly boost your chances of killing more opponents and winning more Booyah.

M1887- Incendium Burst Gun Skin 

It’s a chance game in which players should make spins using diamonds. Due to the scarcity of legendary gun skins in Free Fire, players will have to spend a lot of diamonds to obtain their desired weapon from this event.

The participants get to draw from the inner circle if the spin lands on the special entrance in the outer circle. Any rewards chosen from the inner circle will diminish the prize pool, giving participants a better chance of winning the prize of their choice. It offers four different grand prizes as follows:

  • M1887-Incendium Burst
  •  M1887-Aqua Burst
  • M1887-Terrano Burst
  • M1887-Solaris Burst

Steps To Get The M1887- Incendium Burst

Step 1: In Free Fire, users should first visit the M1887 Spin event interface from the event calendar section. They can use the go-to button in the new section of Element M1887.

Step 2: They can now make spins until they get the skin they desire to earn.

Moreover, right now this event is available for the Pakistan region only, the event may vary for other regions. 


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