List of Top 10 best Shooting Mobile Games in 2022

Top 10 best Shooting Mobile Games in 2022
Top 10 best Shooting Mobile Games in 2022

New games are constantly being released, leaving users perplexed as to which game to play. So, here we go with the list of Top 10 Best Shooting Mobile Games in 2022 exclusively for all video game fans. The best and top shooting games in 2022 for mobile phones are here.

1. Hitman: Sniper

Arguably one of the best action role shooting games in 2022 is Hitman Sniper, a spin-off version of the Hitman Saga, Hitman sniper is a single-player online game, which has been available for both Android and iOS users. Montenegro and Death valley are the two aspects of the Hitman Sniper game series.

So, if you haven’t played this Hitman Sniper shooting game yet, just download the game as Hitman Sniper has a variety of gripping missions with the best in-game guns available.

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

Arguably Call of Duty Mobile is the best shooting game from India to date, Call of Duty Mobile will be placed not only in this

Top 10 best shooting mobile games in 2022 list, but also the list for all years. Such is the impact of this edge-of-the-seat thriller COD Mobile.

3. Modern Strike Online

One of the top fps and shooting games, Modern Strike Online is a free-to-play PvP game, with different weapons, maps, challenges, and tribes, Modern Strike online is the best action shooting game out here in 2022. The top 10 best shooting mobile games in 2022 include Modern Strike Online games too.

4. PUBG Mobile 

What do we need to say about PUBG? But yes yet PUBG Mobile and its immense growth over the years has been a revelation. With a phenomenal number of players for this Battle Royale action shooter game PUBG, the PUBG Mobile version and lite PUBG version are always here to play on.

5. Infinity OPS

Ever since its arrival, the Infinity OPS game has been making waves and sounds. Probably one of the top-class shooting games for both Android and iPhone users, what’s more, the special about Infinity OPS is that it’s a sci-fi shooting game, one of the thrilling and humourous multiplayer shooting games out here is Infinity OPS.

6. Halo Infinite

Launched almost a year ago, Halo Infinite is a both single and multiplayer shooting game. Halo Infinite is the best game from the legendary Halo series, Halo Infinite has been hailed for its world-class graphics and gameplay settings in the game.

7. Battlefield V

An opulent shooting game Battlefield V with incredible gaming content, enjoy experiencing Battlefield V, be it air, land or sea, or water, Battlefield V is gonna surprise you. Also, Battlefield V has been hailed as one of the best Battlefield gaming franchises ever.

8. Bullet Force

Next from the Top 10 best shooting mobile games in 2022 is Bullet Force, have you ever played the Bullet Force shooting game? Much likely to the game’s name, the Bullet Force game is actually a Bullet Force experience, with guns and firing all around. Many hail Bullet Force game as the best fps for Android. Bullet Force is an online multiplayer shooting game, also with 3D graphics, which is very rare now.

9. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Black Out is an exemplary shooting game with top-class Visuals, UI and Graphics. When you step on to Modern Combat world’s battlefield, you will never be able to come out, such is the experience of this first-person shooter game.

10. Cover Fire

The cover Fire shooting game is gonna be the last pick of the deck from this Top 10 best shooting mobile games in 2022 list. Cover Fire with realistic 3D Graphics and Visuals, is an offline first-person shooting game, with exciting, thrilling, and funny missions in Cover Fire, why do you wait? If you haven’t experienced the Cover Fire game yet, go and download it now and face the menacing Tetracorp gang.

Now, these are the best and top shooting games for mobile in 2022. Pick out the best video games from this Top 10 best shooting mobile games in 2022 list from us. Some of them from this Top 10 best shooting mobile games in 2022 list are the best FPS shooting games in 2022 for mobile.

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