Check out the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022: How many pets are in Free Fire?

List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022
List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022

Are you looking for the list of all Free Fire pet abilities? This post will provide you the updated list as of 2022.

Free Fire offers the best possible gameplay experience for everyone and includes some of the distinctive features that helped the game become well-known. The honor of Top Downloaded Mobile Game in 2019 has indeed been given to the game. In contrast to certain other Battle Royale games on the system, Free Fire has characters and pets among its distinctive in-game features.

With the exception of a few, every pet in Free Fire has a special ability that players may employ on battlefields to outwit their foes. Free Fire is a Pay-to-Win game since, in order to get these creatures, players must buy and expend diamonds in the game.

How many pets are in Free Fire in 2022?

There are 22 different pets altogether in Garena Free Fire as of June 2022, and users may buy them via the in-game store. It’s important to remember that the creators continue to introduce new creatures with each new update, so the list of available pets is always growing. The new pets are usually added to the Top-up events.

List of all Free Fire pets 2022 without any ability

Kitty Pet

As of now, Kitty is available in the same store, and players can purchase it by spending diamonds. Kitty is the very first pet in Free Fire, although it doesn’t have any ability. In the Super Luck Spin event, gamers could get this pet. It is the first pet on the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022. Furthermore, upon obtaining this adorable cat companion, you may advance her through the levels to discover a variety of engaging activities. At stage 3, she is able to rejoice when she is content.

What is the use of Kitty pet in Free Fire?

Kitty will purr and exult, for instance, whenever you beat an adversary or use the medkit to recover. On level 4, the cat might exhibit signs of fear. Gamers’ cats, for instance, would be terrified and shaken if they enter the danger zone with their Kitty pets.

Mechanical Pup

What does mechanical pup do in Free Fire?

The mechanical pup can be used with any of the pet abilities. With this players can equip their desired pet ability with this cute pet.  The automated dog in Free Fire is named Mechanical Pup. However similar to Kitty, Mechanical Pup is completely untalented other than being visually appealing.

What is the ability of mechanical pup?

Upgrading this pet is totally useless, and it doesn’t provide any advantage of the ability. Players can still use this pet with its skin to show off in the game lobby. It is the second pet on the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022. For pro gamers who don’t require any extra assistance yet might not like Kitty’s charm as much, Mechanical Pup also offers a wonderful company.

List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022

List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022
List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022

Night Panter

What is the use of night panther in Free Fire?

Among the first few pets in Free Fire is the Night Panther. It has a special ability named “Weight Training” but had been added to the game in 2019. As the title implies, the talents initially raise the stock by 15 items. Nevertheless, abilities improve and gamers are given an additional 45 inventory spaces at the maximum level. It will also obtain a new pet skin if it reaches level 6.

Is Night Panther a good pet in Free Fire?

Whenever Night Panther is maxed to the levels of a pet and an ability, it improves the user’s storage space by up to 45. While playing BR ranked mode, players have to carry s good stock of bullets and they don’t get level 2 or 3 backpacks on the map. During such conditions, this pet’s ability can be utilized, and hence it is a good pet.

Detective Panda

Another of the nicest and most appropriate pets for players in Free Fire is Detective Panda. There are a lot of key arguments in favor of Detective Panda, which a large percentage of players choose, as the finest pet in Free Fire. It is the fourth pet in the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022.

What is the ability or use of Detective panda in Free Fire?

With every kill, this recovers 4 HP. With level 5, the user’s HP is restored by 7 with each kill. Detective Panda is a good option for offensive players who frequently engage in combat because of its ability. Panda’s Blessing is an ability that Detective Panda, possesses.


At the maximum level, Shiba will get a pet skin named “Golden Tail,” which has a really interesting appearance. Its skill is known as “Mushroom Sense.”

What is the use of Shiba pet in Free Fire?

After every 180 seconds, this indicates the position of nearby mushrooms on the maps, and the marker is visible for thirty seconds. The user’s EP, which ultimately turned into HP, is increased by eating the stuff. The pet would pinpoint mushrooms on the landscape after 150 seconds once it reaches the sixth level.

List of all Free Fire rarest pets ability 2022

Spirit Fox

“Well Fed” is a special ability that Spirit Fox possesses. Whenever players utilize a med kit, an additional 4 HP is initially restored. Eventually, once improved to pet level 7 and individual skill 3, it may restore an extra 10HP whenever the player utilizes a medicine kit. It is the seventh pet in the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022. So, it is a good pet is used in combination with characters like DJ Alok.

What is the ability of Robo in Free Fire?

Robo does have a unique ability called “Wall Enforcement.” The Gloo wall’s endurance is increased by this ability from its initial 60 HP. The endurance does, though, grow to 80HP at the maximum level. The pet has access to a new Robo skin after reaching level 5. The skill raises a user’s likelihood of surviving on the battlefield.

What is the use of Robo pet in Free Fire?

Robo leads in modes like Clash Squad and BR ranked due to the added gloo wall endurance it offers. The greatest protective tool in Free Fire is the gloo wall, which significantly increases players’ odds of survival.

Yes, since it is the only pet that helps in strengthening the Gloo wall and hence the player can survive with a few gloo walls only. However, it’s not resistant to Skyler sonic wave.


What is Ottero pet ability in Free Fire?

Ottero is renowned for its distinctive appearances and inventive movements. When employing a Treatment Gun as well as a Med Kit, its skill “Double Bubble” grants more EP. Ottero is one of the rare pet in the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022. The ability can from the beginning restore EP equivalent to 35% of restored HP. Moreover, players can boost 65 percent of the regained HP on the battlefield.

Skyline Spree is a skill that belongs to Falco. Only after the player’s parachute is deployed, this function initially offers a 15% increase in landing speed and a 25% increase in dive speed. Falco is the only flying pet in the list of all Free Fire pets ability 2022. These outcomes apply to the entire team. Peak pet level 7 sees a 50% boost in jumping speed and a 45 percent rise in floating velocity.

Is Falco a good pet in Free Fire?

Since gamers in the Ranked mode like to avoid crash landing at the same time, Falco’s abilities will enable them to glide far from the approach path and land considerably early on safer locations in order to collect sufficient loot for survivability. So, it can be a good option for the pets for the ranked mode.

List of all most used Free Fire pets ability 2022

With the release of the OB23 upgrade in 2020, Mr. Waggor made his Free Fire debut. The pet’s ability is named “Smooth Gloo.” Mr. Waggor can make one every 120 seconds utilizing it whenever the players are out of Gloo Wall grenades.

The ability of Waggor becomes better as the level rises. Mr. Waggor may make 1 Gloo Wall every 100 seconds at its maximum level only if the user has only one Gloo wall in the bag. If the user carries more than one Gloo wall the ability of Mr.Waggor will not work. So players can use this pet while playing with their friends and create gloo walls by giving one gloo wall to the teammate after every 100 seconds. So, it is a good pet to use for BR mode.

Mr.wagger is the only pet in Free Fire that gives Gloo walls to the user in the game. It gives Gloo wall when the user only 1 Gloo wall in the backpack.


Rockie has a special ability known as “Stay Chill.” Using this ability, players can reduce the cooldown time for any character by 10 – 15 %. However, it only acts for the active characters like DJ Alok, K, A124, and so on.  By shortening the cool-down period and enabling multiple uses of the current talent, this skill can benefit the user.


‘Helping Hand’ is the nickname of a Beaston ability. Players are able to throw the items farther than normal because of this skill. Grenades, smoke bombs, gloo walls, and flash grenades are some of the throwable weaponry. Whenever Beaston is equipped as the pet, the launcher range is extended by 10%.

In appearance, Beaston is the strongest pet in Free Fire. Beaston is very useful while playing with teammates and plays a supportive role from the back of the team. But the ability to hurl one at a greater distance just gives users the advantage in combat.

List of all  Free Fire pets ability 2022


What is the ability of Dreki pet?

“Dragon Glare” is a skill Dreki has. This skill’s entry-level version allows it to detect opponents employing medical kits inside a 10-meter range. Three seconds are all that the impacts last. With a pet level of 7 and a skill level of 3, Dragon Glare could locate enemies utilizing medical kits up to 30 meters away. Five seconds are all that the effects last.


What is the ability of moony pet in Free Fire?

Moony has a unique ability called “Paranormal Protection.” The skill is basically “Protection during interaction countdown.” It reduces the damage taken from the enemies by 20% when the user is applying the medkit, at its initial level. On upgrading, the damage reduction is increased and players can utilize medkits without the fear of getting down in a few shots.

Dr. Beanie

What is the ability of Dr beanie?

This pet possesses an ability called Dashy Duckwalk. Whenever the gamers are in a crouching posture, the pet dramatically boosts their mobility. The starting buff is 30%, which eventually climbs to 60% at the optimum capability. Players could use pets to travel about without alerting their enemies in the surrounding region.

How do you get the DR Beanie pet in Free Fire?

During the launch, Dr.Beanie was added to the top-up event, where players have to purchase 100 diamonds to get it. As of now, it is available in the Free Fire store at the price of 699 diamonds.

List of all  underrated Free Fire pets ability 2022

Sensei Tig “Tiger”

What is the ability of Sensei pet in Free Fire?

Sensei Tiger has a skill called Nimble Ninja. At the very initial level and increasing up to 50% at optimum capability, Sensei Tiger’s ability shortens the length of an enemy’s man-marking capability.

How do you get a sensei TIG in Free Fire?

Similar to the other pets, Sensei Tig is available in the game store at a price of 699 diamonds. Players can also use the 100 diamonds discount coupon to get the pet at 599 diamonds.

Agent Hop

A set quantity of EP health is supplied to the character every moment the Safe Zone diminishes thanks to the Agent Hop pet’s capacity to supply EP health every moment the Safe Zone diminishes. It is the only pet inspired by the rabbit..
There seem to be 7 Safe Zones in Free Fire, thus the new Pet Agent Hop would give the player more EP health each moment one of these Safe Zones gets smaller.

List of all recently added Free Fire pets ability 2022

List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022
List of all Free Fire pets ability 2022

Finn “Shark”

What is the ability of Finn pet in Free Fire?

The new pet Finn’s ability will improve the gamer’s mobility as well as their capacity to defend themselves and their teammates. The user and his friends will now gain a movement extra speed when taken down or defeated inside 20 meters of range. Finn is inspired from the shark pet.  According to the game, the ability works as when the owner and friends will see an increase in movement speed when a close player is knocked down or killed.


What is the ability of Zasil pet in Free Fire?

Once a player who has Zasil uses a medical kit, or inhaler, the likelihood that they will discover another one increases by 25% at level one and by 75% at level three. The pet’s cooldown duration steadily decreases from 120 – 70 seconds when it is upgraded to max level.

How to get Zasil pet in Free Fire?

As its debut in the game recently, the Zasil pet is added to the Faded wheel event. Players can however unlock this pet from the store later at a price of 699 diamonds.

Which one is the best pet in Free Fire according to you? Let us know in the comments.

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