How Many UC Does It Requires For Lamborghini Car Skin In BGMI Speed Drift Event?

Lamborghini Car Skin In BGMI Speed Drift Event
Lamborghini Car Skin In BGMI Speed Drift Event

Lamborghini Car Skin In BGMI Speed Drift Event: With the release of the 1.9 updates in BGMI, a slew of new events, modes, features, goods, cosmetics, and more have arrived. As a consequence, millions of people have downloaded and played the game.

As the game’s popularity has grown, the developers have added new events to commemorate Battlegrounds Mobile India’s partnership with the iconic supercar brand Lamborghini.

The partnership with the automaker follows on from earlier partnerships with Tesla, Koenigsegg, and Mustang. Because the previous collaborations were huge successes, Krafton believes this one to be as well.

BGMI x Lamborghini Collaboration 1.9 Event

Lamborghini has arrived in Battlegrounds Mobile India, where it can be found in the ‘Speed Drift’ event. Players can go to the game’s event area and swipe till they locate it. Players would be able to obtain Lamborghini skins, which will aid in the expansion of their inventory and profile backdrop.

Lamborghini skins are available in a variety of colors and models, and they may be used on a range of vehicles in the game. To obtain their hands on the car skins, gamers must invest in UC.

How To Get Lamborghini Car Skin In BGMI Speed Drift Event?

To obtain the Lucky medal, BGMI gamers must press the Accelerate option. Accelerating will cost players UC at a rate of 60, 180, 500, 1000, 2500,…, 7200. Spending UC only once, though, does not guarantee a successful acceleration.

It takes a lot of luck to have a successful acceleration. As a result, users will have to shell out a significant sum of money in order to obtain Lamborghini skins.

After obtaining a skin, players can keep it in their inventory or give it to their in-game friends as a gift. With the ‘Speed Drift Lucky Medals,’ gamers could also obtain UC Discount vouchers and Lucky medals. Gamers must complete the missions to earn Lucky medals in this event:

  • Spending- 10000 UC
  • Spending -25000 UC
  • Spending- 35000 UC
  • Spending -50000 UC

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