Free Fire New OB33 Mystery Character Name: Kenta Best Or Worst Chartacter?

Kenta Best Or Worst Chartacter
Kenta Best Or Worst Chartacter

Kenta Best Or Worst Chartacter: The skill system in Free Fire is undoubtedly the strongest feature of the game, allowing players tactical options when fighting foes. Every update usually includes the addition of a new character or two, and OB33 is no exception.

A new mystery character was introduced in the most recent OB33 Advance Server Update… and his name was disclosed with the most latest patch note. This article will help you out will the newly added Kenta character guide.

About Kenta Character

Kenta, a swordsmith who has featured in earlier Free Fire comics, appears to have arrived on the island of Free Fire to assist Hayato in his mission. Kenta dresses in a violet Samurai-inspired outfit, complete with a purple cape emblazoned with the Yagami clan’s insignia.

The active skill Swordsman’s Wrath creates a barrier that decreases weapon attack from the front. The shield is a rectangle force field that follows Kenta around and constantly confronts the camera’s viewing point. The shield’s AoE is fairly large, making it handy for screening and protecting your squad from strikes. The shield’s lifespan is quite long, but it will come to an end if Kenta fires a shot.

Kenta Best Or Worst Chartacter

Although Swordman’s Wrath is simple to use, it is severely weak in potency. This ability isn’t very useful in combat because gamers can’t defeat with it and it does not really prevent all damage.

Swordman’s Wrath is best used for shielding teammates from enemy fire while you heal or reload your weapon. Instead of putting up a Gloo wall, put up a Gloo wall. Kenta’s shield can also be used when exploring a risky environment with monsters lurking around every corner. Players can get into position without suffering too much damage in this manner.

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