Free Fire Max Exclusive Top-up Promo: Katana Goldrim Tribute

Katana Goldrim Tribute Top-up
Katana Goldrim Tribute Top-up

Katana Goldrim Tribute Top-up: After the banning rumors, Free Fire had recently added a new top-up event indicating the journey is not yet ended. Because many of the things in Free Fire need premium in-game diamonds, freebies are appreciated by all players. Top-up events are a regular source of freebies that require players to obtain in-game currency in order to receive prizes.

In Free Fire, there has been a continual flow of new top-up events, consecutive. These events offer free diamonds in exchange for a certain number of diamonds, incentivizing players to buy the premium in-game currencies. In this article, you’ll get complete details regarding the latest Free Fire Max Katana Goldrim Tribute top-up event.

Free Fire Max Exclusive Top-up Promo(Katana Goldrim Tribute)

This top up event has been introduced on 25 Feb, only for a certain time limit. This event will extend till 3 March. Interested players can avail of the exclusive Katana skin from 25 Feb to 3 March.

Furthermore, players require to top up or purchase diamonds to complete this top up event. Gamers can top-up diamonds from the in-game top up  center or by using any third-party application. They can top up as many diamonds they want to, but to claim this Katana- Goldrim tribute skin, they must top-up a minimum of 100 diamonds. They will get this exclusive skin for free after successful diamonds top up.

Steps to get this skin are discussed below:

Step-1: As previously stated, players must purchase the required quantity of things in order to be eligible for the rewards. By tapping on the diamond icon, they can access the in-game top-up center.
Step-2: On the screen, several top-up options will display, and gamers should select the best option based on the reward they seek.

Step-3: The diamonds will be deposited to the wallet once the payment is received. The rewards can then be obtained by using the Katana Goldrim Tribute Top Up, which can be found under the events page.

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