Steps To Get The PUBG Mobile Ironblood Sheriff Bundle In Antique Treasure?

Ironblood Sheriff Bundle Antique Treasure
Ironblood Sheriff Bundle Antique Treasure

Ironblood Sheriff Bundle Antique Treasure: The C2S4 series of PUBG Mobile is presently going on, in the game.  Because of the new season style, PUBG Mobile is now in its second Royale Pass Month, which starts after 1st half of the season. Surprisingly, several items offers that emerged about the same time as the M8 RP had a similar concept. The Ironblood Sheriff costume, this article will help you out with it.

Ironblood Sheriff Bundle In PUBG

The Ironblood Sheriff Bundle, a character with a concept similar to the current Royale Pass Month 8 Bounty Legend, has debuted in the PUBG Mobile game during the C2S4 season. The Ironblood Sheriff bundle, which is silver in color and decorated with various ornaments, is the Ironblood Sheriff skin cover.

The outfit can be found in the game during the Antique Treasure event, which runs from March 8 through March 21, 2022. As a result, while this offer will terminate the M8 RP, it will continue to be accessible in the following PUBG Mobile season. Despite the fact that it has a sheriff theme, this suit is rather unique because it gives off a robotic appearance, which corresponds to the “iron” label it has.

How To Get The Ironblood Sheriff Bundle In Antique Treasure?

At 1st, players can draw at the Antique Treasure event right away, beginning with a spin for just 9 UC. Although the price is reasonable, it only applies to the first draw.

The draw cost from this event would continue to rise once the player has gotten one reward until the most pricey on the 10th attempt is 1500 UC.

If the player obtains one major prize item, the prize item will be eliminated from the offer, and the player will not receive the same reward on subsequent attempts, but the cost will rise. It will increase as 9, 19, 39,…up to 1499 UC.

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