How To Get The Invisible Name In Free Fire- Free Fire Ghost Name?

Free Fire Invisible Name
Free Fire Invisible Name

Players must provide a nickname/IGN while making an account in Free Fire, which acts as one of their primary identifiers along with their UID. They must next decide whether to change their names with diamonds or with a name change card. In this article, we will discuss regarding the Free Fire invisible name.

Many people who want to change their nicknames want to include something unique in order to stand out among their peers. As a result, many people turn to the internet for help, with “invisible names” being one of the most popular.

Invisible Name In Free Fire

In Garena Free Fire, the Unicode letter 3164, often known as the Hangul filler, is essential for users to have an invisible name. Additionally, they will require the Braille Unicode characters to display.

Players can get the braille pattern by following the steps below:

Step-1: Players should first go to any website that offers U+3164, i.e. the Hangul Fuller, and copy it into the ‘Notes’ program.

Step-2: After that, users should paste any braille patterns beneath it (click here to find a list of them).

Step-3: Ultimately, they can copy and paste the complete content in the application while changing their name in Free Fire.

Furthermore, the steps to chan get the in-game name are discussed below.

Step 1: After the user has opened Free Fire on their device, they should click the banner. It will access their in-game profile.

Step 2: Next to their current name, they will see an icon that they should click.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear, prompting players to paste the text copied for the hidden name into the text field. They can then expend 390 diamonds or a name change card to change their name.

Although, players can also earn the name-changing card for 39 diamonds using Guild tokens. The guild tokens are easy to earn, gamers are just required to complete guild missions to get it.

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