How To Install Free Fire After Ban In India?

Install Free Fire After Ban: The game is no longer accessible for download from any mobile store, and it does not display in search results when the word is typed in. Free Fire could be played by those who had previously downloaded it but only to a limited extent. Players have been unable to log into the game for the previous few days, claiming that technical issues have prevented them from doing so.

However, the new version of Free Fire i.e. Free Fire Max is still available to install on Google Play Store, but not on the App store. Although, the Max version requires a high-end device with a minimum of 4GB RAM to play efficiently. So, in this article, you will get to know the process to download and install Free Fire after ban.

Free Fire Ban

Garena Free Fire was recently prohibited in India as part of a bigger ban that included 54 other Chinese apps. While it is obvious that the banned apps aren’t any longer downloadable on sites like Google Play and App Store, a few unusual businesses still offer Garena Free Fire, showing that it is not totally banned by the government.

Yet, it is unclear how long the program will be available on all these sites or if it will be regularly updated. Free Fire is set to return in the first week of March, according to leaks. Individuals who already have the Free Fire app loaded will be able to play the game.

How To Install Free Fire After Ban In India?

Step-1: Visit the Free Fire official website or click on the link here.

Step-2: Hover to the Home section there available in the menu.

Step-3: From the two options available to download from the Play Store or Direct download, select the download option.

The game will start downloading and players can install the app after complete downloading.

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