How to use the X-ray mod in Minecraft Java Edition?

Minecraft Java Edition is just one of those games that enable users to install and utilise any type of modification. Because of the game’s free software nature, a large modification community has sprung up around it. Players may customise the sandbox game by adding new features, structures, creatures, biomes, and even gamemodes. The X-ray is amongst the most prominent modifications for the game.

As the title suggests, X-ray is a fantastic modification that allowed people to search underground for various sorts of stones. Because the game is mostly about mine, gamers are continuously on the lookout for valuable resources, either below or undersea. If gamers would not like to waste any time digging for weeks and merely want to have fun.

How to use the X-ray mod in Minecraft Java Edition?

Players must first install the Forge Application from this website. This is a programme that produces a new modified remastered edition and enables all types of modifications to operate in it. Participants may easily choose the game and make a different copy of it after installing the app.

There are various modifications for Minecraft Java Edition that can enable this capability. The X-ray Ultimate is the most well-known of them all, with over 26 million downloads. Players may just go to this site and click ‘Install’ to have the Forge programme installed on the altered game version immediately. The mod is now compatible with the most recent version of the game, 1.18.2.

Gamers could launch the customised Minecraft Java Edition using the Forge application once the mod has been installed properly. They must go into the game’s options and choose the energy pack alternative. By pressing the toggle in the resources pack choice, gamers can activate the X-ray Ultimate mod.

Gamers can enter a planet after activating it to see all of the critical resource blocks lying deep underneath. All of the other blocks turn translucent, revealing just their edges.

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