Parkour Glitch To Fly In Fortnite Season 2
Parkour Glitch To Fly In Fortnite Season 2

Parkour Glitch To Fly In Fortnite Season 2: Parkour and other movement mechanics have appeared in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Construction has been banned from public games, and the gameplay now seems faster than before.

Building and customizing are still available in in-game modes including Arena and Creative, according to Epic Games. Loopers can create & perform Parkour in such modes, implying that loopers could build and execute Parkour within those modes. But, Fortnite players have found a flying glitch, with which players can fly in the game.

Parkour Glitch To Fly In Fortnite Season 2

Several issues have appeared in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 as a result of the new gameplay. Each new update, from the Cow Catcher car mod to Parkour, appears to have bugs that can be abused.

Arfuh, a well-known influencer, recently demonstrated some building issues. Parkour and Mantle are at blame for these unexpected coding flaws.

Arfuh created a slope and a wall to solve the first bug. He subsequently constructed an additional wall to the right and, while being in the air, did a triangular edit.

Surprisingly, the player was able to use the altered wall as a launchpad as soon as the alteration was verified. While flying comfortably, he achieved a big leap boost and erected multiple ramps.

The developer demonstrated another flaw that can aid loopers in flying. He made a 3/4th story edit after placing a conventional level over a ramp. They then reset the edit and built a wall above the ground.

The aim is to put the wall while also utilising the recently introduced ‘Mantle’ feature. To complete this glitch, it is suggested that you repeatedly press the jump option.


It’s important to note that these flaws can’t be used to acquire an unfair competitive benefit. In reality, the falling harm after several seconds of flight would be enough to kill a player.

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