How to tackle the Warden attack in Minecraft in 2022?

In a wonderful video, Minecraft Redditor ‘u/thijquint’ demonstrated how to halt the Warden’s ranged attack using shields. In the video, the player fires a single shot at the beast before hastily stacking basalt blocks on top of it.

The Warden began striking with sonic beams after a while, however, the player deflected them with a helmet and continued shooting bows at the crowd. Warden’s collapse came as a result of this.

Wardens can now strike in a new way, according to the latest Minecraft snapshot 22w15a from Mojang. If a player or a creature is too far away, they can open their upper bodies and fire a powerful sonic beam that knocks them back and delivers a lot of damage.

However, as the Redditor demonstrated, it may be prevented by a shield. Now that it possesses a ranged gun, this will be a tremendous aid in defeating the deadly mob.

How to tackle the Warden attack in Minecraft in 2022?

It is a realistic alternative to defend against the terrible beast’s ranged moves, even though the shields are disabled for a while after they stomach the onslaught. Most have been talking about this feature since it was recently added to the most recent Minecraft snapshot.

As a result, the post attracted a lot of attention because it demonstrated how to defend against a harmful attack. It earned over 12 thousands of  “ likes ” and comments in less than a day.

Many Minecraft Redditors quipped that the Mojang staff is always looking for new ways to keep the mob tougher, while gamers are always looking for new ways to stop them.

They joked that Mojang should simply make the mob so powerful that it would murder players as soon as it spawned. After witnessing the video, some people joked that the programmers must be furious.

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