How to spawn Warden in Minecraft in 2022?

The Warden, which was supposed to be included in the Minecraft 1.17 update, has been a long-awaited addition to the game. Through snapshots for Java Edition and the beta or preview for Bedrock Edition, the terrifying mob has been officially included in the game. Unfortunately, it is not currently available in vanilla Minecraft.

The 1.19 update is on its way, but many players, including the Warden, have been eagerly anticipating its arrival. Those who have access to the snapshot, beta, or preview may wish to confront the new boss as soon as possible.

How to spawn Warden in Minecraft in 2022?

Most mobs can be summoned, which is the simplest way to get them to appear. Even while some of them spawn spontaneously at night, they do not appear as quickly as if they are summons.

The Warden is no exception. It can be summoned by typing the summon function. For Bedrock Version, “/summon warden” should work. To summon a Warden in Java Edition, type “/summon Minecraft:warden” into the console.

Players must be on the versions that currently allow the Warden, and commands must be enabled (and achievements deactivated).

It’s the fastest and most straightforward option, but it’s not the only one. Crafters may swiftly obtain a spawn egg for practically every creature in Creative mode, including the Warden.

When they have that, gamers can produce Wardens indefinitely or as many times as they have eggs if they return to Survival mode.

It can also be created naturally without the use of Creative mode or instructions. In Survival, players will just need a sculk shrieker to call a Warden.

This redstone-based brick can be found in Deep Dark. They must be collected with a hoe. Otherwise, instead of the block, it will simply drop XP orbs.

The sculk shrieker can then be placed anywhere and stepped on to produce a level 1 warning. When the shrieker reaches level three, any nearby Warden will be notified. A new one will appear if there isn’t one.

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