How to perform the solo car multiplication glitch in GTA online?

GTA Online on the PS5 contains a recently discovered car duplication glitch that can be completed solo. Due to the fact that solo car duplication exploits are typically preferred over ones that rely on another player, this glitch is simple to perform. Players will require the following items:

With the vehicle storage improvement, a Mobile Operations Center is now available.

In a garage, a car like the Faggio is unwelcome (but not the MC garage)

The ability to play the GTA 5 narrative mode

The car that the player wishes to deceive.

Given that PS5 players already have GTA Online for free, the third section is extremely important. However, the story mode of GTA 5 was not included in that offer, thus it will be necessary to purchase it in order to use this hack.

How to perform the solo car multiplication glitch in GTA online?

On the PS5 version of GTA Online, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to do this solo car duplication glitch:

Make your way to The Diamond Casino & Resort.
The Spawn Location should now be “Last Location.” (You may accomplish this via the Interaction Menu or by halting the game, going to Online, and then looking for it under Options.)
Stop playing and go to Rockstar Creator.
Don’t press X when you get to the “Quit to Story Mode” option.
Try looking for the Freemode option on the PlayStation Homescreen.
Spam the X button after pressing Square.

In the casino’s parking lot, go to the Mobile Operations Center and make a request.
Choose the vehicle that will be fooled.
Drive that car into the vehicle storage area of the Mobile Operations Center.
Select the “Kill Yourself” option from the Interaction Menu.
Bring the Mobile Operations Center close to a wall so the blue circle in the back is visible.
Return to the Mobile Operations Center in the automobile you want to dupe.
After you’ve spawned outside, get out of the car.
Drive to the Mobile Operations Center and request the Faggio.
Send the Faggio back to the garage after respawning outside.



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