How to get Free Spirit Katana skin from the Free Fire top-up event?

Free Fire diamonds are special in-game money that players can use to purchase new accessories, characters, and pets, among other things. These must be acquired with real money, and the technique for doing so is known as a top-up.

Top Up events are periodically held by the battle royale game’s producers to incentivize mobile players to purchase extra diamonds. Gamers can receive rewards by purchasing a certain quantity of diamonds during this prompt in Free Fire.

Spirit Katana skin in Fire top-up event

Top-up events in Free Fire essentially encourage people to spend a set amount of diamonds in order to receive specified prizes during the event’s length. The next one, Spirit Unbroken Top Up, began on April 17 and will run till April 24.

If players buy 200 diamonds, you’ll get Katana – Spirit Unbroken for free.

If you buy 500 diamonds, you will receive a free Nocturnal Assassin Backpack.

Because the criteria for this event are continuous, players must collect a total of 500 diamonds over the course of the Spirit Unbroken Top-Up to receive either.

Moreover, because users must acquire in-game cash rather than spend it on the things, the items are absolutely free.

How to get Free Spirit Katana skin from the Free Fire top-up event?

Step-1: Launch the battle royale game and select the Calendar button.

Step-2: They should then go to the Events menu and select “Spirit Unbroken Top Up” from there.

Step-3: Besides, fans should tap the “Top-Up” button in front of the prizes, which will take them to the diamond top-up center.

Step-4: If you just want the Katana skin, you’ll have to go with the 310 diamond option. Users can also choose the 520 diamond option and combine the two awards after completing the required fees.

Players can top up 520 diamonds that costs 400 diamonds in Free Fire. You can also purchase from any third party site.

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