How To Find Villages In Minecraft 1.18.2?

Minecraft’s environment is enormous and spans an almost limitless extent, which is measured in “blocks” in the game. While the world is packed with various biomes and terrains such as woods, mountains, oceans, and more, players will occasionally come across some randomly produced structures.

Ocean monuments, woodland houses, desert temples, witch homes, and other constructions are among them. The village, on the other hand, is among the most frequent and welcome constructions in the game.

Villages are made up of a large complex with a set number of modest houses and structures. Each home contains a villager, as well as chests, planks, blocks, crafting tables, food, and other items. Villages serve as safe havens for players who come across them while exploring Minecraft’s world.

How To Find Villages In Minecraft 1.18.2?

locate command

Almost every player is likely to be aware of this strategy. This method is the simplest to find any biome or construction in the game for people who don’t know and are having problems finding a settlement.

Ahead slash or “/” by default Commands are being used to adjust the game’s many characteristics. The /locate command is one of these commands.

Search near water

In the game, water is a valuable resource. While there is no thirst bar in the vanilla survivor game mode, water has many additional uses in the game, like water buckets, fish farms, watercraft, and more.

Villages have a stronger tendency to produce around water sources, which is one of the game’s strongest features. This enables the locals to cultivate a variety of crops and food resources, such as wheat and potatoes, in addition to sugarcane and melons.

right biome

Players can only find towns in a limited number of biomes throughout the game. Oceans, mushroom biomes, and jagged peaks biomes, for example, are less likely to have villages.


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