How to download the Free Fire new OB 36 update for September 2022 (iOS and Android)?

Free Fire new OB 36 update for September 2022 (iOS and Android)
Free Fire new OB 36 update for September 2022 (iOS and Android)

Free Fire September month update is rolling out today, and Garena has planned to release Free Fire OB36 patch update version on 21st September 2022. The server is down due to a maintenance break and players cannot play or open the game until the update goes live. Here’s everything you need to know about the Free Fire new OB36 update and download guide for both Android and iOS users.

How to download the Free fire new update for September 2022 (iOS and Android)?

For most of the regions, Free Fire is available on the Google Play store or App store. So players can directly download the update from their preferred sources. However, Free Fire is banned in some regions like India, and only has Free Fire MAX version available on Google Play Store. So here are the ways that players can employ to download the new update.

Best way to download Free Fire’s new update for Android users

There are several websites that offer the Free Fire apk or OBB file, though most of them provide the older version. Once the update is live, players can search for the Free Fire OB36 update download or click on the link here. There you will find a direct Download option with which you can download the complete game file.

Best way to download the Free Fire new OB 36 update for iOS users

For iOS users, not Free Fire nor the Free Fire max version is available on the Google Play Store. The only way to get the Free Fire or Free Fire max version is with the use of any third-party sites. iPhone users who already have the game installed may probably be able to download the update within the game. You should wait for the update to go live.

What is the size of Free Fire max new OB36 update?

So, basically, the file size of all new Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max update versions keeps varying according to the devices, generally the apk file size will be around 50-70 MB, and the OBB files will be minimum at 500MB, and max to 900MB file size.

So as far as we are concerned for the apk and OBB36 Update file size in both Free Fire & Free Fire Max, the new apk file size for Free Fire Max is expected to be around 60-70 MB. However, the OB36 file size for Free Fire Max is also expected to be more than 400 MB and maximum at 600MB accordingly to your mobile devices and storage space. So players may expect a total update from 600 to 950MB if players don’t have Free Fire Max installed in their device.

So clear all the space, junks in your mobile phones to enjoy Free Fire Max OB36 without any errors or bugs from today.

When will the Free Fire maintenance break end?

As server maintenance from the technical team of Garena for both Free Fire and Free Fire Max has always been common for all the new updates. The same server maintenance break time for both Free Fire, and Free Fire Max for the patch OB36 update version is also expected to go live today.

Free Fire Max OB36 update maintenance break time is also expected to begin and last from 9 am-5 pm today. So, players can expect to download and try out the new update by 5.30  to 6.00 PM today (only if no technical issues arise). But however any time Garena may end their server maintenance break, do keep checking the game for more information and updates about the same.

What is the release date for Clash Squad season 15?

Season 14 of Clash Squad ends today and no further matchmaking will be allowed till the next season arrives. Also, the clash squad season 15 release date from the same Free Fire Max is expected to be this evening or from tomorrow 22nd September 2022. A golden XM8 is the new season reward that players can claim after reaching the Gold rank in the game. You may check out the complete patch notes for every change and new features coming with the update.

But most of the leaks suggest and reveal that the new clash squad season release date for Garena Free Fire Max & Free Fire from 21st September 2022 in the evening, which in the sense 6 PM this evening onwards, hopefully, the Clash Squad Season release doesn’t get delayed further anymore.

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