How to create a sky rainbow using Beacon beams in Minecraft?

Beacon is a very helpful item in Minecraft since it allows players to gain numerous excellent status effects while they are near it. Nevertheless, several players may be unaware that placing tinted windows block a few blocks above the beacon changes the color of the beam. This stunt was accomplished flawlessly and was featured in a post on the Minecraft subreddit.

The Minecraft subreddit is a hive of activity, with gamers from all over the world flocking to talk about the famous sandbox game. A Redditor with the ID u/dbrown100103 recently shared a photo of a perfect rainbow built with 352 beacons, each with a different configuration of glass blocks.

The previous poster detailed in the caption how it took them a long time to find out how they beat 352 Wither gangs. The building has so many beacons that some couldn’t even be seen. The only thing that obscured the image was the stunning rainbow they had made. Furthermore, the night sky with stars as well as the slightly curved appearance of the very flat planet added to the photo’s allure.

How to create a sky rainbow using Beacon beams in Minecraft?

Fans were fascinated on this photo as soon as even the post went online on the Minecraft subreddit, and they were astounded by the magnificence of the rainbows formed by the Beacons. The post acquired over 29 thousand “ likes ” and over 500 responses in less than a day. The article was swamped with comments that discussed various parts of the model and the game.

Many people linked the massive rainbow formed by Beacons to the ‘Rainbow bridge’ or ‘Bifrost’ from the Avengers Thor movies. In the movie, the Rainbow Bridge enables individuals to teleport instantly to Asgard, Thor’s home. People speculated about how players in the game may reach Asgard via this rainbows. They even imitated several lines from the films.


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