How to create a Glass window in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Reddit section is brimming with Minecraft-related material. Players from all over the world congregate here to share everything from breathtaking creations and contraptions to entertaining and educational videos.

In the game, gamers could even display their discoveries and own constructions. This is a fantastic society for anybody who plays or is excited about the game.

In recent times, a Redditor called ‘Harklllous’ shared an intriguing video of a manufacturer glass item frame that they created using a data pack.

According to the caption, this was their first data pack, and they created this item. Because it is constructed of glass, it basically allows a player to retain an object on a block without the frames being seen.

The glass window in Minecraft

Many people on the Reddit thread praised the unique glass frame for giving the featured objects a clean and modern look. Within a day, the post gained over 14 thousand upvotes and a slew of comments. Several people responded to the message, discussing various features of the personalized item.

The bespoke item in the initial poster’s data pack wowed many people. They admired the item and also the developer of the data pack.

They inquired about the data pack, such as where to obtain it and how to make it. The previous commenter said that the data pack still needs to be improved.

Aside from that, many of them recognized the functionality from a mod named ‘Quark.’ This old Minecraft mod allows players to create glass frames similar to this one.

Several users highlighted the well-known mod and were pleased to find it included in the data pack, as installing mods is a little more difficult. The idea was derived from the mod, according to the previous author. The thread is still active on the Minecraft Reddit website, with more gamers learning about the functionality and data pack from the initial poster.

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