How to change ID name in Free Fire for free in 2022?

One of the most essential ways for Garena Free Fire players to be recognized is by their names. Many people want to change their username after entering it during account creation since it has become outdated or does not match them longer.

Conversely, changing one’s name in the game requires either the spending of diamonds or the usage of a name change card, which are both not free. Here are the particular actions to take in order to use them.

How to change the ID name in Free Fire for free in 2022?

The technique for changing one’s name is simple and would just take a few minutes of the player’s time. These are the general stages they can take to attain the same thing:

Step 1: Visitors must launch Free Fire on their phones. Then, on the top-left, they must touch on the ‘Profile’ area.

Step 2: When their profile appears, they should press on the options icon.

Step 3: The ‘Change Nickname’ dialogue box will display, allowing people to enter the appropriate name into the text area.

Step 4: Finally, one of the two possibilities, 390 diamonds or a change request cards, can be chosen.

After completing, the gamer’s identity will be altered in-game.

The name change card is less expensive than the main choice of 390 diamonds because it only costs 39 diamonds plus 200 guild tokens. Users can access it by following these steps:

Step 1: Gamers must go to the Garena Free Fire game shop.

Step 2: Users should then select the ‘Guild Token’ option from the ‘Redeem’ menu.

Step 3: A list of things that may be redeemed with guild token will show, and players must choose the ‘Name Change Card.’

Step 4: Users must then tap the ‘Exchange’ button to finalize the redeeming process.

Upon obtaining it, gamers can alter their in-game name by following the same processes outlined before.

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