How to build a sand lift in Minecraft in 2022?

Soul sand elevators are an intriguing mode of transportation in Minecraft. Many players regard soul sand as an annoyance that slows them down in the Nether. Nevertheless, if used correctly with water, they can be an excellent means to travel upwards in the twilight realm.

Whenever gamers go deep in the earth to mine, they frequently construct a stairway that allows them to navigate between the air and the underground. Unfortunately, this can be tiresome because kids have to keep pressing a forward key for a long time to get to the top or bottom. That’s where lifts like this come in useful.

How to build a sand lift in Minecraft in 2022?

To begin building this elevator, gamers will need several things. Excluding the soul sand block, which may be discovered in a biome in the Nether, these are rather easy to obtain. Because the realm is dangerous, new gamers may encounter difficulties.

Here’s a full list of everything you’ll need:

  • Stacks of Glass blocks (based on the height of the lift)
  • Door
  • Soul Sand block
  • Stacks of Kelp (based on the length of the elevator)
  • Temporary blocks for building
First, players must arrange the base from which they will enter the elevator. They must excavate one block down and putting the soul sand block wherever they choose the lift to be.

Once the base is complete, they can proceed to construct the central core of the device out of glass blocks.

Gamers must begin putting glass blocks immediately after the door closes, so they’ll have a single block hole that leads down to the soul sand block.

After that, the best water block will be the origin, and the ones below it would flow. To get the lift to work, players must ensure that all of the water blocks are connected.

Gamers must grow kelp from the first sand block at the bottom all the way to the top. It will turn all of the water blocks into a source. We can then shred the kelp once this is completed.

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