How to build a railgun with the use of arrows in Minecraft 2022?

The Minecraft Reddit is plenty of exciting things about the sandbox game, with users from all over the world posting everything from spectacular creations and redstone devices to entertaining movies and images. It’s a fantastic ecosystem for anyone who enjoys the game or is simply curious about it.

Redditor u/SK92300 recently shared a fantastic video showing how they created a railgun in Minecraft using an arrow dispenser and TNT. Redstone was used to control the device. After pressing the button and waiting a few moments, the player died of unexpected death after already being hit by the handmade railgun.

How to build a railgun with the use of arrows in Minecraft 2022?

According to the viral Redditor video, the player activates a button and walks to a location where the contraption may be seen. Numerous arrows are thrown onto the ground by the device. Several TNT blocks were placed behind the arrows and were about to detonate.

This player had netherite armor and a shield, but they were unable to survive when a significant number of arrows flew in from the little opening, murdering them and then another villager.

Creative structures and different gadgets have always piqued the interest of Minecraft Redditors, thus this video was well-received. The post gained over 25 thousand upvotes in less than a day. Several aspects of the build were debated by experts, as well as the villager.

The villager merely remained next to the player, totally oblivious to the railgun, because several people remarked. However, on a more solemn note, stated that even with this degree of attack, the Warden will only shed a small amount of blood. The article’s author responded by saying they utilised the ‘Physics mod,’ that rendered their avatar rag-doll upon dying. This patch adds real-world physics to Minecraft, making it more realistic and enjoyable.

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