How to avoid getting kicked from GTA online servers in 2022?

There are a variety of reasons why a player may be booted off a GTA Online server. Maybe they’ve been AFK for too long and have become bored, or it could be something else different.

Bad behavior is generally not condoned, therefore gamers can kick one another in the lobby in the hopes of getting them kicked out. Somebody will be kicked off the server if enough users do so.

How to avoid getting kicked from GTA online servers in 2022?

When players arrive at the Diamond Casino & Resort, they are greeted by a menu screen that asks if they want to attend the Casino or their Penthouse. Users will not be kicked if they merely stay on this screen. The LS Car Meet instance in the YouTube video is the same.

It makes logical that gamers could be kicked in these “in-between” moments, such as entering a house, since they are not legally in an active status in the server or room.

This “entry menu” is available at a number of sites, as shown in the figure above. This is arguably the most reliable method of avoiding being banned off the server.

A little box will display in the top left corner of the screen occasionally during the creation of a heist mission, informing players that they have been thrown out of the current instance and that they will be left unattended, most likely inside the house where the preparation is taking place.

It’s always aggravating, and people merely hope that the kick system will become more controllable and understandable in the future. This type of kick is most commonly caused by the host simply booting lower-level gamers or someone deliberately thinning out their heist team’s numbers. GTA Online players have experienced this at one point or another, if not on a regular basis.

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