How many people play Clash Royale in 2022?

Clash Royale active player count 2022
Clash Royale active player count 2022

Clash Royale has seen a huge progression in 2022 with regard to the number of players in the game. Yes here is all the unknown facts about Clash Royale in 2022.

The total number of people who play Clash Royale regularly as of 2022 is over a mammoth 2 million, this is just a filtered stat, as 2 million players in Clash Royale is one and only about the current active players of the game in 2022.

How many downloads does Clash Royale have in 2022?

The number of Clash Royale downloads will shake you, believe it or not, Clash Royale has seen over 600 million downloads to date worldwide.

600 million downloads for a mobile video game is not a joke at all by any means.

And the team of Supercell is all looking forward to seeing the number of downloads at 1000 Million by next year-end, which means we can see Clash Royale 2023 number of downloads at a humongous 1000 million.

What are the active monthly player counts in 2022?

On average, Clash Royale has over 1 million active players every month, which keeps varying at times.

Sometimes the average monthly count of Clash Royale players and active users will even reach 2 million.

Which country contributes to the most number of Clash Royale players? 

The answer is obvious to the question of which country has the most Clash Royale players or fans.

America, yes the USA contributes to and tops the list of the most number of Clash Royale users and players worldwide in 2022, as out of 600 million downloads, 100 million downloads are from the USA for Clash Royale.

So USA, American Clash Royale players are the toppers for the list of most number of Clash Royale players by country wise in 2022. The list is expected to remain firm even for the following years, as USA gamers are hardcore gamers, especially great fans of the Clash Royale game.

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