Top 10 best high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of October 2022!

Top 10 best high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of October 2022
Top 10 best high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of October 2022

Wanna know the best and most powerful PUBG weapons and guns in 2022 yet? Here’s our list of the Top 10 best high-damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of 2022, some of the powerful and top most guns in PUBG 2022 will be shared below here.

Top 10 best high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of October 2022!

Here we go with the list of Top 10 best high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of 2022, which includes the best and most powerful PUBG guns, melee, sniper rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

1. Groza

The assault rifle Groza with ammo of 7.62 is available on the air drops. The damage per hit, rate of fire is the best thing about this Groza gun, which has brought the same to the list of powerful guns in PUBG 2022, use Groza for more damaging abilities and explosion.

2. Frag Grenade 

A highly explosive grenade launcher that kills a bunch of enemies at a go, no wonder PUBG users deem the frag grenade as the most used weapon when they opt to go for a grenade launcher. Get the frag grenade through the classic, arcade, and arena modes of the game. Throw the frag grenade bomb and wait for the explosion to drop after 5 seconds.

3. Sniper Rifle AWM

The sniper rifle AWM is a menacing weapon from PUBG, which uses only magnum bullets, but the sniper rifle is always available through air drops. The damage rate and fire rate of this AWM sniper are damn high, as this Accuracy International AWM bolt action sniper rifle gun weapon has an amazing fire rate of 1300m, also the AWM sniper of PUBG has the longest and widest range, which the other weapons don’t have.

4. Kar98K

The vintage sniper rifle based on German guns, Karabiner 98 Kurz in PUBG is another damage power gun, with an ammo 7.62 mm, the damage of KAR98K can be a menacing one to the opponents who are even with rank 2 helmets, but the accuracy is lower when compared to other PUBG guns.

5. Micro Uzi

The submachine gun micro Uzi SMG has a very good damage hit power of 31, also the body impact power of micro Uzi is over 2000, a common rarity.

6. MG3

One of the best light machine PUBG guns but at the same time, a high damage explosion is possible when you acquire this MG3, also with a bipod too. The firing modes of MG3 will be around 670 – 1000 as always.

7. Molotov Cocktail

The throwable molotov cocktail, an instant fire gets created on the grown when its thrown, PUBG players often use the molotov cocktail as a throwable grenade, use this unique molotov cocktail throwable utility for more on damage abilities.

8. P18C

P18C is by far the best pistol gun from PUBG with a lot of damage ability, as the damage per second is extraordinarily high class, whilst the lowest damaging pistol is also this P18C at times, the hit damage of this pistol is at 23 in avg. P18C piston guns are available as an uncommon rarity in PUBG.

9. Pan

Pan melee is the best melee type weapon with the best damaging skills on PUBG game in 2022 yet, literally built in the Pan shape has a massive hit range of 3000+ in average numbers, also the headshot damage of Pan melee in PUBG will be more than 200.

10. S1897

The pump action powerful shotgun ever PUBG has introduced, the S1897 gun in PUBG has a slow firing rate, yet the high damage of S1897 will make up for everything, as the hit damage for this shotgun will be more than 26 every time.

These are the best and top most used guns in PUBG 2022, if you go for more damaging abilities these will be the top 10 PUBG guns, weapons, rifles and much more in 2022.

So, that’s our Top 10 list for best high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile as of 2022 list with the best set of weapons and guns for PUBG players in 2022, and is completed here.

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