How To Fix The GTA 5 Dark Screen Issue Players Facing After Release?

GTA 5 Dark Screen Issue
GTA 5 Dark Screen Issue

GTA 5 Dark Screen Issue: GTA 5 has been re-released in a new edition for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This version has a number of console-specific modifications, special features, and graphics enhancements that make it appear as good as, if not better than, the PC version.

However, numerous users have reported experiencing a strange situation in which they are stuck watching a black screen. This appears to be happening during the player data migration from earlier consoles. Here’s something else players have to know about the issue, as well as a potential solution.

What Is GTA 5 Dark Screen Issue?

The dark screen issue appears to be impacting PS5 gamers who are transferring their GTA Online character data from their PS4 console. When such gamers try to launch the game, they are met with a blank screen and nothing further happens. As a result, players are understandably concerned about losing their data.

How To Fix The GTA 5 Dark Screen Issue Players Facing After Release?

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this vexing problem that many gamers have confirmed functioning. For most PS5 gamers, simply reloading the game appears to have resolved the black screen bug.

The GTA Online app must be stopped and relaunched for the game to resume normal operation. To be on the cautious zone, gamers should await for the migration to finish before rejoining.

Several gamers are experiencing another issue after restarting GTA Online, in which the game is stopped at the loading screen. The on-screen text becomes stuck at 90% or above. Some users have reported that stopping the app and refreshing the console resolved the issue.

However, this could simply be a server problem caused by a large number of individuals migrating at the same time. As a result, gamers are recommended to simply wait it out because the server may be overcrowded at the time. On PC, the resource monitoring can be used to temporarily block the process, allowing the game to start again in a vacant public lobby.

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